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PS3 Game Freezes and endless loading


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On PS3, recently started playing game again. Got to 'Bury the Hatchet' and then the game would freeze every time any cut scenes would play. And now none of my save games will load at all. It just sits forever on the loading screen. Even if I delete all the save games it wont start a new game, just sits 'loading' endlessly.


Ive tried restoring file system, rebuilding the db, Ive done a reformat and restored all the settings. Ive reinstalled the game without any updates and wound up going through all of these steps again. Nothing works. This is the only game I have this problem with.


Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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I've been getting freezes today, too. smacking the console definitely doesn't work. Besides the things you already tried, cleaning the disc sometimes already does the job. It still seems to be very random, but I always get the freezes when I freshly join a lobby and drive a long distance in any car.


MAYBE re-installing the patch will help. Sometimes it doesn't seem to download it properly.

I noticed that when I wanted to download Crysis 2 (doesn't matter which game actually), which was a huge chunk of data. Although it always seemed to download the whole game without any problems, I couldn't get it to work. While installing, it would always stop at 47%. I got really frustrated but I kept on trying it over and over again, and eventually, it just worked fine. The source of the problem was either on PSN's side or my sh*tty internet connection...


Maybe it's the same with the current patch as its size is over 500mb after all... Shouldn't take you too long to delete and re-install it again, it's worth a shot ;)

Just try re-installing the patch, run the game and see if it still freezes. If yes, try again... maybe 3 or 4 times? Let's be honest, you don't have much to lose if you try this :p Many people have this issue, I hope I could give you an useful piece of advice.


There's a link in my signature to a thread about this issue. A guy cleaned his disc drive and made it work. Nobody really knows at 100% WHY it happens, but for some reason, people found their own ways of fixing it, it really sucks. We're sitting in the same boat :(

Edited by Bozzah
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