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Photographer for hire (Free) (XBOX)


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Hello there my future employers I am here to ask if there is anyone in need of a Photographer for their crew, car meets or anything else that suits your needs


I am here to help may It be a one time job or a more permanent one.


Things I can do:


1. I can provide an Instagram page for your group.


2. Edit Photos for you.


3. I can Photograph anything such as: Car Meets, Role-Plays, Events, Air-Shows, etc.


(If you already have an Instagram then you may take the photos I have captured off of my Social club Photos.)




While I do believe I can handle all of the work that will be given to me I am also looking for people who would like to join my little Photo Group and help with all of the business.


If you would like to join the photo group then just leave a message on this post with your name contact info such as the gamer tag and also just some info about yourself in general.



As for my future clients I would like to inform you about how you may get in contact with me and how you could do so Is by leaving me a message on this Post. When you do please leave the following.


1. Name


2. Group and or Activity


3. Date


4. Time


5. Location


6. And any custom request you will have for me.


All that being said I would like to thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.






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  • 2 weeks later...



I apologize for the late response but I have been dealing with a lot on my plate recently.

Please message me back well leave a post on here when you would need my photo services and I will be more than happy to help you with the project.

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Militis Incorporated is a PMC crew and we would be interested in getting a picture of all of our members as well as some action shots. it would be greatly appreciated


Contact me at GT: FEARxxBlackjack

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Retired Mafia

This is awsome! Wish it was for ps3, then i would have hired you for sure :)

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Hey Monk, Ive been in a couple of games with you and im sure you would be great for this, I've no job to offer you as yet but please link to your social club so we can check your pics out, or if you've got a 'portfolio' on photobucket or whatever...

Best of luck buddy

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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh hello,

Sorry I have been away dealing woth some role-plays and what not.

I see I have gotten some visitors on here and I really do apologize.


As for my photos I have been re-doing alot of stuff so my instagram is down at the moment and my photos on social are wiped.




If you are interested there are some photos ive done for the Instagram GTA_AutoExotic


And ad for the people who have asked for my services I will try and get back to you today on xbox to see jf there is anything I can do to help.


Thank you all for your interest, Have a nice day.



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Yeah my Snapmatic is blocked for restrictions. Is there a way you can take the photos and send them to me?


Gamer tag : M3RK 4LPHA

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