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Save files wont load..


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Im having this issue for 1st time. when i start my save file it takes longer to load than it shud. 1st of all i tried to view the PC modding forum but it didnt bring anything. seems like the forum is empty or i'dve post there. 2nd is that yes my vc is modded but turns out its the save file that not works, idk why, feels like its worn out lol. 3rd. i installed my other vc on my other pc. the save file i most played also not loads. it says please wait the game is loading like usual and a black screen. i run fraps to take screen shots. and it has a very high frame rates. when in game the frame rate is low, about 60-70-80. when it not loads the frame rate is too high at about 300 n smth. but what worries me more is that why it would not load. i dont use cheats. and looks like the mod isnt the issue. cuz if it was it'dve loaded on other pc. but looks like its the save file. same goes with other save files i tried to put in GTA vc user files. it dont load either. absolutely new saves wont load either. plz if any1 has such issue tell me if theres a cure for this. what i can do to fix this. ii have no idea why it acts so..im a old vc player. already for 4-5yrs first encountering this issue with save file.. :blink::blink::blink:

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Harerama Chakraborty

If the mod you're talking about replaces the main.scm it won't work with the original game.

And if it takes too long to complete loading I think there are many applications running, Ctrl + Alt + Del and close all unnecessary processes.

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i see.. well yes it takes like 3-5mins to load, but i try not to run different programs in the background. and yes ik how to terminate others by alt+ctrl+ delete. im gona buy a new GTA VC dvd, the rly original one, just currently not in US and cant browse shops of US from republic of belarus. it just wont open.

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