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Anyone really dislikes dual weilding weapons?


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Lethal Vaccine

Can't say I mind them. I NEED those Double Sawn Off Shotguns for some tasks in SA in which require them like shooting a blown up wreck of a Vehicle back to a Garage since no other way will move the wreck off the ground since it's glued in place, until you use the Double Sawn Off's on them. However, other than those tasks, I don't care for them. I usually just carry the SMG or M4, anyways, and those aren't duel wielding.

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The whole dual wield thing is flawed. The only reasonable purpose would be to lock onto an enemy on the left with the left gun and lock onto an enemy on the right with the right gun. Dual wield, dual lock on.

Dual lock-on? And what if you need to cycle through targets? You would need dual pairs of hands and dual Dualschocks for that to work. :p Edited by OG Viking
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the Sub machine gun dual wielding can get a little over rediculous... Especially with does magazines taped onto the Mini uzi. a bit OTT. Accuracy goes down which does suck. However currently I'm using the MP5 which is the best weapon in the game in my opinion.


The pistol, meh. I guess in some movies people do use two hand guns, xD. But still it would have been better if he used two hands instead, and not aiming the gun like a stereotypical freaking gangster (sideways) Outside from that, I don't really even use the 9mm pistol, it sucks ass. Silenced 9mm is the best :)

Edited by Phoenix_Poop
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  • 4 years later...

Although i like Being able to do twice as damage,i rather accuracy so i can headshot more frequently and do more damage than have a worse accuracy but being able to dual wield weapons. Like i use a mod that make you hold the Colt 45 with both hands and that also made the SMGS like tec-9 and Uzi 1 handed and to be honest it haves better accuracy and i wish we could hold the sawed-off with both hands.

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On 8/4/2015 at 11:14 PM, B Dawg said:

Nah man, you're not thinking 'hard' enough. Dual wield dildos, chainsaws, molotovs, katanas, fire extinguishers.



Eh, i don’t think it is game breaking or something. Would be better if it used Max Payne 3’s system.

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Dual Wielding honestly is unrealistic and at the same time really fun,just nuking the entire state of San Andreas with explosions from the double barreled shotguns.

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  • 1 year later...

I honestly don't find it annoying but I just hate it for some reason. I don't know why but I really wish that you could wield weapons like in gangster mode while in hitman mode I don't like dual wielding

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1 minute ago, XGrimmReaperX_ said:

The game it's of 2004, and about dual sawnoff shotgun, on game balance it's right to do a dual wielding.



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It doesnt look that cool even in action movies maybe it looked cool back in the day but cmon we aint 11 years old

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When I hit Hitman I switched from pistol to silenced pistol and from Tec-9 to MP5 so I can master them too and kept them.

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10 hours ago, DefyReality said:

When I hit Hitman I switched from pistol to silenced pistol and from Tec-9 to MP5 so I can master them too and kept them.

The dual pistols recoil isn't as bad as the other SMG's, but i prefer either the SP or Desert Eagle anyway.

It's just so easy to get ammo for dual pistols, so that's what you'd usually stick with in the beginning until you need to collect other ammo (for other pistols to max out their weapon skill) or you simply just go ahead until Doberman to unlock Ammunation.

Luckily for SMG's, the ammo "transfers", and yeah, the MP5 is what i also stick with since it's such a versatile weapon, and feels like an assault rifle (on par with the AK-47 and AR) in terms of how it functions (accuracy as well as fire rate).

I believe a lot of it is situational though, since sometimes you'd want to have a tec-9 or micro-uzi because you want to run and gun, like quickly killing the driver of a car and stealing it during a police chase (as you're low on health and being shot at).

Edited by Robin3sk
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i can help you with that bro: lets say you dont like hold dual pistol in your hands.
go to your gta sa folder > go to data > go to weapon.dat (before you edit anything please make sure you copy and paste weapon.dat folder anywhere else just in case if you made a mistake or you dont like your changes)

Open weapon.dat as notepad or txt folder. like i said before you are trying to hold 1 pistol only at hitman level. Scroll down to $ PISTOL , you will see 4 lines with $ PISTOL. normally you will see this
$ PISTOL            INSTANT_HIT    25.0 30.0    346    -1        2    colt45        17     25        0.25  0.05  0.09    0  0    0.75 1.0      6 17  6     6 16  6  99    3033
$ PISTOL            INSTANT_HIT    30.0 35.0    346    -1        2    colt45        17     25        0.25  0.05  0.09    1  40    1.0  1.0      6 15  6     6 15  6  99    3033
$ PISTOL            INSTANT_HIT    35.0 35.0    346    -1        2    colt45pro    34     25        0.25  0.05  0.09    2  999    1.25 1.0      6 18  6     6 17  6  99    3833
$ PISTOL            INSTANT_HIT    30.0 35.0    346    -1        2    colt_cop    17     25        0.25  0.05  0.09    3  5000    1.0  1.0      6 15  6     6 15  6  99    7031
Notice the green numbers? this is where you need to change it. just simply change it from [3833] to [3033] and you got it you will be able to wield one pistol only. finish and save
you can also do this with the other weapons like uzi. (sorry for my bad English as i still learning.

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