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Living the Cosa Nostra, the Triads, the Yakuza

Pau Diaz

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If you have your own car, if you confront people, verbally or physically, or if you call them to deal with issues and stand for your beliefs in an assertive manner, you're already acting like a member of the Mafia, the Triads or the Yakuza. Think about it. They don't turn to the authorities. They settle their own scores personally. More often than not, they rely on private, rather than public means of transport and they don't call the police, or rely upon public services unless, and only if, they have to issue bribes or call in legal favors to aid their own.


If you do the same, you're already following in their wake. All organized criminals do is act in a more spontaneous, more self-sufficient and naturalistic way, rather than public service oriented people. All that remains is to use a gun and, for all intents and purposes, you become just like them in the sense that you react to problems, threats and use your own transport as they would.

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Sorry OP, no matter how much you would like to be, you are not a gangster.

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make total destroy

wait, what's the point of this thread?

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wait, what's the point of this thread?


The point is that privatization of assets is merely a euphemism for the need human beings have of wanting to control their own destinies and do things their own way. There are those that use buses, taxis and trains and then there are those that travel by car. Travel by plane is universal, as private jets are expensive, but what I want to say is that there is the official, public service that people use, like libraries and blockbusters and then there are HMV and Boarders shoppers who buy their own books. This represents the side of the human being that wants to thrive, using its own means and devices.

Edited by Pau Diaz
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Does this mean a gangster never takes the bus? I doubt it... :D

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This topic is utterly meaningless.

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