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What do your protagonists cars look like?


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Franklin - detail is in the wheels with this, diamonds to show his wealth, and the green for his families colours




Michael - subtle mods, but again with the alloys, chrome with a hint of gold to show his wealth




Trevor - nothing special, but in desert tan, colours dont suit him



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Too lazy for pics


Frank- Dark green olive matte, yellow pearl


Mike- black, blue pearl, all cosmetic updrades except the roof


Trev-(my favorite) bright orange with most of the badass upgrades it has.




ill come back and add pics when i get on later

Edited by Shade04rek
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Yeah Franklin lime green and lime green rims

Mchael: Matte black with subtile mods

Trevor I didnt really change something I maybe also add pics later

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Several colors. I beat half the story before discovering you could customize their cars.


:face palm:




Franklin's buffalo: GT chrome wheels, I think with a bunch of chrome bumpers/skirts, etc. It was black, then red, now it's gold I think. Will take picture later...


Frankie's bike: made it look as normal as possible, hated the original look. It's thin and green.


Michael's tailgater: it was dark green, then gold, now it's galaxy blue, not sure what rims now, picture later.


Trevor's truck: sand colored, everything else is rusty as f*ck, some body mods, and the teddy bear bumper.

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I don't like the buffalo. I don't use it. My Franklin does have a fully customized vapid (civilian version) with the GT chrome rims and light blue paint with orange pearl (sunrise at sea). It's throwback, it's gangsta.


The bagger is completely stripped bare and brushed aluminium.


Michael has his tailgater much like the first post. Black, but a bit more body kit, no spoiler though. Michael isn't that guy. He also dresses like a German gangster. Bland suits, gold rimmed shades and sports the long greasy hair and stubble. His tailgater looks like an m5.


Trevor's Jeep is standard, save for some performance mods and the metal cage. Trevor drives it hard. I like the faded red. If he wants to look professional, or goes hunting for Lost boys and hitchhikers, he'll show up in the rancher xl (old model), black on black and with all the upgrades. I call it the hearse. Any hitchhiker steps into that thing, they know what they sign up for.


I hardly ever drive the flashy cars in GTA.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Michael - dark blue/black grill/diamondcutwheels in blacksteel/lipspoiler/tint


Franklin - red/spoiler

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Franklin - detail is in the wheels with this, diamonds to show his wealth, and the green for his families colours






I like what you did here. Reminds me of how no matter what outfit Franklin wears, he usually tries to wear green shoe laces. Subtle.

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Mines are fully customized, and its getting boring. Driving the Tailgater and Buffalo is boring as f*ck, I always steal a car as either Michael or Franklin. Both Frank's vehicles (the buffalo and the testiclebagger) suck ass. Michaels tailgater gets boring after a while, but Trevors car is always good.

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Completely stock, just the way I like it.

Same here, except that mine have max stats(armour, engine etc. but no turbo), window tints and tire smoke corresponding to each character's interface colours, Blue - Michael, Green - Franklin and Trevor - Orange.
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Grichka Bogdanoff

For M and F I keep the stock design.

For T I have the same Giantsgiants' Bodhi.

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I don't change anything. Stock all the way.

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