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own concept


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wasnt sure about this, but seeing as many people on here have some fantastic ideas for gta's that could work (and better than what r* can come up with) i was thinking what would make my perfect game.


the following is everything ive taken into consideration upon reading these forums for the past few weeks, theres been much talk of a lead character, and of course a female protagonist, could it work?


my idea is still very brief, if anybody can adapt onto this and go into further detail, please feel free as i welcome ideas, these characters dont start as criminals, but soon become them...


4 Protagonists

Styled on The A Team

Set in Vice City (Miami - new map to follow)




USS Liberty Aircraft Carrier is heading back to Vice City, Jerry is approached angrily by his Chief Sergeant, after an exchange of words Jerry punches out his Sergeant, with this, he is put into the hole until they dock, he is then released of his duties at the Port.


(USS Liberty Aircraft Carrier later becomes a mission)


With just his bag of clothes, he walks to the local bar and sits down, turns to his right and notices a navy tattoo on the arm of the person next to him, Brad, they cross stories and become buddies


Opening Scene


Protagonist 1 – Jerry ‘Jez’ MacIntyre

ex-USAF, kicked out for beating up his serg, has a son who tries hard to impress his dad

Special skill – flying

Main Car – 1988-1998 Chevrolet C/K Series 3500 (Vapid Bobcat XL)

Main Bike – Harley Davidson (Western Bagger)

Preferred Gun – .50 Pistol (Desert Eagle .50)

Lives In – Trailer by the coastline on edge of a cliff looking out at the sea

Age – 42


Protagonist 2 – Bradley ‘Brad’ Johnson

ex-Navy, taken under Jerrys wing as the son he always wanted, street racer and gambler, had many jobs after leaving the Navy, loves the ladies

Special skill – driving

Main Car – Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black (Benefactor Feltzer)

Main Bike - Ducati 1199 (Nagasaki Carbon RS)

Preferred Gun – SMG (Heckler & Koch MP5)

Lives In – Condo Apartment

Age – 24


Protagonist 3 – Martin ‘Goose’ Costello

corrupt police officer, can access police station when wearing uniform, can gain records, married with stroppy teenage daughter

Special skill – shooting

Main Car – Chevrolet Impala (Cheval Fugitive) Under Cover Police Car with lights and sirens

Main Bike – Honda CTX (Dinka Thrust) Police Bike

Preferred Gun – Combat Pistol (Heckler & Koch P2000)

Lives In – Inner Suburb, 3 bed house, with 2 car garage

Age – 37


Protagonist 4 – Scarlett ‘Lottie’ Quinn

Special skill – Hustler, IT and hacking, master mind and manipulation, the planner

Main Car – BMW E63 6 Series (Ubermacht Zion Cabrio)

Main Bike – Suzuki Katana (sh*tzu PCJ 600)

Preferred Gun – Micro SMG (Uzi)

Lives In – Penthouse Luxury Apartment, Access to Helipad on roof

Age – 27


Crew Vehicles


Vapid Speedo Van – black, 4 seater, equipped with computer, satellite, bulletproof windows and tyres – Parked at Brads


Buzzard Attack Helicopter – parked on Scarletts Apartment


Other Characters


Gary – Jerry’s Son, fighting for love and attention from Jerry, dislikes Brad

Age – 19


Julie – Martins loving Wife, but worried about his antics, works as an FIB Office Clerk

Age – 37


Katie – Martins stroppy teenage Daughter, works in a fast food chain, but wants to become an actress

Age – 17


Phil – Martins Best Mate, also a Police Officer, doesn’t know Brad is a criminal until it’s too late and gets killed in the line of duty,

Age – 39


this is all ive got to, can anyone help please?



Edited by AndyC-M
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If the protagonist was in the Air Force (USAF) then why was he on a navy ship? The navy has pilots and jets too.

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And here I am hoping that there will be a Murdock-esque character.

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good points, something i need to work on as my understanding of all military forces are brief as i have no interest in them, hadnt really thought of which city to use as i wasnt sure which would suit, maybe Vice City?


Jez would be more of the 'Mordock' type i think

Edited by AndyC-M
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