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Please Advise me with a VB Script ?


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Hi to all who read my post I've been trying to make my first gta iv mod with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 express.


Aim of mod:

I'm trying to place gang peds around the city from compound raids to street corners and private business that niko can attack and make money from.

I've looked at other codes made in vb but I keep getting stuck with nothing happing, can anybody please reply to me with a (template) of how to position peds for Ex:


Using gta;

Using GTA.Native;

Using System;

Using System.Collections.Generic

Using System.Windows.Forms


Public class MafiaWars : Script


Ped M_Y_GMAF_LO_01;

M_Y_GMAF_LO_01 = World.CreatePed("M_Y_GMAF_LO_01", new Vector3(-431.03f, 452.71f, 10.40f));


If (exist (M_Y_GMAF_LO_01)


If (exist (M_Y_GMAF_LO_01)


M_Y_GMAF_LO_01.canswitchweapons = true;

//M_Y_GMAF_LO_01.RelationshipGroup = RelationshipGroup.Dealer;

M_Y_GMAF_LO_01.Weapon.Uzi.Ammo = 1000;


//M_Y_GMAF_LO_01.ChangeRelationship(RelationshipGroup.player, Relationship.Hate);

M_Y_GMAF_LO_01.WantedByPolice = true


End sub


Please please anybody just post me and tell me what am I doing wrong or what I'm missing I want to learn just need a push in the right direction, I can't be much far off for what I'm trying to do lol.


If anyone can assist me on this i will promises to complete a full modded GTA IV GodFather style concept.

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Am, you know you doing something like C#/vb.net(They are not compatible, even they are from the same family, the .net family(vb more .net, while C# c++/java)) at the same time, lol. If you want to do vb you don't need ';' and I think in if statement, you don't need brackets, you need to do something like "then" and "end if" also new variables doing like "dim as Ped pedas"(I saw this in Julio's work).


Best regards,


Edited by leftas
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Would it have worked if I was using c++ ?

No, because you have c#/vb code. It would not have worked for anything at all

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