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SHDN phone check fix

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I finally managed to fix phone checks in SHDN. Problem was in aru's ScriptHook, it just wouldn't get global script variable addresses.

The fix itself was very simple, I just had to change instruction at address 0x100054E0 from:

mov ecx, [eax]


mov ecx, eax

in ScriptHook.dll.


And now it works like a charm!



Here's a video prooving it


Edited by Sergeeeek
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Nice, good job, I never knew that it is scripthook fault. How did find it ?


P.S. I thought that someone created another thread about number checks, I was like "f*ck off"(sorry), but when I saw, lol.


Best regards,


Edited by leftas

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Nice! You should release it on other websites too so many other developers can use this!\


Oh and because I don't know assembly, and am curious why this even works... what is the difference between

mov ecx, [eax]


mov ecx, eax


Edited by LetsPlayOrDy

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The way I did this was I downloaded ScriptHook .Net source and started digging into it. I found what phone checks don't work because aru's ScriptHook can't find the right address for a global variable. I decided to debug it and after hours of following the wrong lead :p I found what GetGlobalAddress function was getting the proper address of global variable array but then used it as a pointer instead.



what is the difference between

mov ecx, [eax]


mov ecx, eax


the difference is in first line eax used as a pointer instead of a value and in second it used as a value which is what we want :)

Edited by Sergeeeek
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