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Grand Theft Auto: Online Future DLC Concepts


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Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted anything on here since GTA V came out and it definitely is beyond expectations. However it would be nice to see a few additions via future DLC release.

It would be nice to the Deluxo make a return with the Gull-wing doors and also the Classic Infernus (with Pop-up headlights), maybe the classic Cheetah too.

Another nice addition is if they added the Cargo Plane from the single player mission available for purchase online, and if they added a Yacht for sale similar to the Dignity online, perhaps also a larger Submarine with the ability to hold 4-6 players and fire torpedoes.

The Casino online,


Also adding Scuba Gear online, along with more nightclubs and interiors.

A variety of mansions for purchase online should be made possible, and add better masks like a balaclava.

Another cool vehicle would be a hovercraft for purchase on the Warstock website, and allow players to open the cargo door on the rear of the Titan while holding left or right on the D-Pad.

I have sent a few emails to Rockstar Games regarding these ideas however if more people could also try and contact Rockstar then maybe some of these ideas might actually happen!


Regards - The Champ

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We could have maybe a kitchen where we could cook baked goods and sell them before a mission to all the guys who forgot to buy some snacks.

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We could have maybe a kitchen where we could cook baked goods and sell them before a mission to all the guys who forgot to buy some snacks.

Will hot cakes be on the menu?
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