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Fire and Rescue Roleplay Clan (Xbox 360) (GTA 5)

FDGC Roleplay Clan

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FDGC Roleplay Clan

Hey Guys,


I am currently recruiting for the Fire Department Of The Greater City. We are recruiting members that are interested in roleplaying and/or interested in pursuing a career in the Fire Service or EMT Profession. Whether you have experience in Fire/Rescue or even just roleplaying please fill out the application. Im am the Chief of FDGC and I am a Firefighter/EMT-B in real life. I know what I am talking about when it comes to the fire service and I look forward to meeting and playing with you all.


What We Do:


As Firefighters/EMTs for FDGC we cover the City of Los Santos for all Fire and Medical Aid calls. We do our best to teach our Firefighters/EMTs to be the best of the best.


How Do I Get Involved?


Thats very easy. Fill out the application here: http://goo.gl/forms/B3ZhvbQKMa After you have completed the application, the Chief will review you it and get back to you via xbox. If he excepts your application, you will be asked to do an interview with the Chief. If all goes well, you will have then been excepted into FDGC and we will put you through training immediatly.


Ranks For Fire Service:



Asst. Chief

Deputy Chief




Probationary Firefighter


Ranks For EMT Profession:



Asst. Chief

Deputy Chief




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Please add your Rockstar Social club Crewpage link to your OP otherwise your thread will be removed as per the guidelines.


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FDGC Roleplay Clan

Currently am not setup with a GTA 5 Crew. Can not figure it out. Sorry.

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