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Hi everyone! :D Help me put the icing on my ultimate vice city,, p


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vice cry 1.8 (uncut ps2 edition)


I am very new to modding but love gta and have gone head first into trying stuff. I have installed vice cry 1.8 and wanted to edit it to be more like the original ps2 game (but of course with hd upgrade, keeping to the original look like vice cry does so well).


And so I added the missing flash fm track, added the gas grenade behind the police station, changed the weapon icons to hd originals, removed the loading screen between islands, changed the names of the guns to original and changed the skin on the Ruger (not the model). Respect to all the authors for their work.


I wish now to take the models from the extracted ps2 dff files I have and place them in pc dff format. I understand I need 3ds max? can someone help me and advise if im wasting my time as it seems others may have come stuck in the past on this one.


I'd get satisfaction from this and share if needed as the old models look more like the real life guns if you look very close at detail. The details that made them look real were changed, but polished up, granted, so they didnt break copyright i guess.


Thanks everyone happy modding :)

Edited by badpope
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i have resolved it. There are only 1 or 2 beta/original PS2 models you can't easily get ported to pc. I can share my gta3gun.img when its complete. no one seems to have made a full package, but respect for beta weapons mod 1.1 as that seemed to have the original Ruger model. God knows where that was datamined from.

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