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The Rebel Mafia Gang Hunting For Murderers...


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I'd like to introduce you to The Rebel Mafia Gang. We are a Mafia Family based originally out of The Rockford Hills and now our boroughs encompass nearly all of Los Santos. Murder is our main business. We have some of the best killers around. We house some of the best racers I've seen since playing in October last year. We operate as a family based on the mafia. We have an inner council consisting of Capos/Bosses then a reasonably large crew base of Made Men/Wise Guys and Associates.


We operate on PS3 and now we are recruiting for PS4. - We are operating across two platforms leaving no member behind until they make the move. We can't really give you a time zone in which we operate as our crew is made up of all kinds of English speaking personalities from all over the world.


Every day there is a lobby of Rebels taking care of business. The Family does its own Crew Events, Team Deathmatches, Racing, Missions, Crew Vs Crew Battles etc. Within our crew events we often give away cash in prizes and depending on the event open it up to other crews to take part. Recent and upcoming events include:


The Rebel Mafia Gang Car Show

$200 Team Deathmatch Tournament

$300 Race Face Competition

Rebel Dogfights

Fight Club - The Street Fighting Man


The inner council takes the leadership of the family seriously and of course we have a number of rules and practises we operate within. We are mainly a mature crew with mics. We have some younger sensible players too we have made exceptions for because of skill and how they carry themselves.




Please check out the website. It isn't finished but ETA for the complete article is a work in progress with content added daily. We have a facebook page. I run a family of murderers - a majority of us have different skills and ranks. But I'd be comfortable saying most of us are over rank 120/180. We play legit and play as a family. I really can't stress enough the calibre of some of our faces. As we look to further dominate Los Santos and other operations that stand in our way? We want more associates. If you have serious talent we'll promote you if you work hard. We edit/hangout on our social club daily. If you are looking for something a little bit more organised, love doing jobs, tdms, races, lobby murder, created content, events, crew vs crew battles and you have a talent or two? We want you. Drop Pantella_Fox a message on Social Club or join on there. Just don't expect a free ride. We don't let anyone stay ranked up if they don't sport our family tag or follow orders.


Family Rules

Family members who do not adhere to these rules, or fail to demonstrate the core values of The Rebel Mafia Gang, will be kicked from the family. We'll dig a hole in the desert and put you in it.

1) Absolutely no killing of family members at any time unless for banter or old grudges agreed on by both parties. f*cks who think we'll tolerate anyone hitting our boys period, will face family wrath.. being kicked is just proceedure.
2) Any family member not helping out a family member in an open lobby fight/battle/skirmish/war of words will be kicked from the family.
3) Any politics and internal squabbles will be dealt with by the counsel and as a last resort.. The Don. Any family members who have grievances with each other are expected to operate in the family, for the family.
4) Any crew member not willing to help out in a team deathmatch, racing or missions with other crew members in need will be kicked from the crew.
5) Any family member who decides to f*ck about with their captains, made men, capos or bosses won't last long. Don't f*ckin disrespect people higher up the ladder.

6) Any family associate, capo, made, wise guy or even new muscle will be severely punished for not following orders. Follow orders, it is in your best interest... your knee caps will appreciate it.

Edited by Pantella_Fox
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This is epic - I think it is a little bit to do with what we are doing, but we've got at least 4/8 recruits from the forums. Love it. Welcome to all the new blood.

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