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*Must Read* MC Looking For Prospects (PS3 ONLY)


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The Devils Tribe MCC LS


We Are A Mission Based MC Out Of Los Santos, We Have Been Established Since Jan 2014.

We Have Been Inactive The Last Few Months, But We Are Back, Looking For Loyal And Faithful Members

To Join Our MC. We Are More Of A Serious Crew, We Run Things Based On The MC Way Of Life.

We Have A Few Rules, (posted below) And We Have Church Every Week. But If Your Looking For A Serious MC And Want Structure Then Check Us Out.


Must Have A Mic

16+ Years Old

No Racialism

Always be there for another brother. Always stay active.

protect the president as well as the Vice President.
always wear your cut. No exceptions.
always show up for meetings/ church. *REQUIRED*
No Crew Killing. Have a problem..? You have two fist boss.
sport bikes are sh*t, keep them away.
never ride alone. Pairs or groups. High ranks also.
Prospects wear BLACK track shirt with patch on the back.
Only way to get full patch is a Patched member gives you a bid.
It then is reviewed by President,VP,Sgt.
Full Patched Members wear RED track shirt with patch on the back.
make sure you show up at church/ meet with a bike or a ass whooping from the club.
Prospects now only can ride dirt bikes untill they are proven loyal
if playing with a members and you earn money.. 20% to all members in Lobby. If not enough player will be next in line.
Old School Bikes and only the Dinka thrust for the all and the Ol'd charter.
always invite a brother once you see they come online.
Always be ready for war.
Always join our sessions, private or not.
Crew must stay active on social club.
Social club and PSN Needs to be Linked
No bullsh*t no drama auto kick.
Must prospect for a week at least, ( look up due to back ground history with other MCs)
Your patch is your life, your patch is your brothers, at all cost protect both with your life.
All prospects go thu a 3 stage step plan, first.. Being the clubs bitch 2nd.. Gaining respect, learning. Stage 3 is the few days you get patched in. Put you to the test to see if your loyal, faithful and would give your time and life for the club.
All prospect sponsors must report weekly to the president/ Vice President.
Full patched members have all reason to vote, and voice there mind. No personal or hard feelings should carry on after a vote or after a church meeting.


Just Add Us On PSN Or Add The Prospect Page If Your Looking To Join.



DTMC Club Page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_tribe_mcc_ls

DTMC Prospect Club Page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dtmc_prospect_club

DTMC Ol Lady Page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dtmc_ol_ladys?headSearch=true

DTMC President PSN - Mr_watchem_drop

DTMC Sgt In Arms PSN - Chris021496

DTMC Main Ol Lady PSN - ANGLEA40


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