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[R] Gta IV stun punch mod

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iv'e been looking for how to knock out people with one punch (like in GTA V) mod and the closest one i found is the "Stun Punch" script by Leopard_ and i wasn't been able to download or make any of it work. i saw in the command this guy give step by step that gose like this:
100% working stun_punch mod

Set nikos MeleeMartialLevelPercent to 100 in pedpersonality.dat

Open action_table.xls in excel

Tab On Foot Results
line 20 stun_punch_A_Res

20 (20 isn’t always killing Ai)

Tab On Foot Actions
line 12 stun_punch_A_Act


RequireLockOn (not necessary but will replace “jab” and will not require the red dot and is lame)


0.0 : 5.0 (not necessary but makes it easier to make a stun_punch while running)

Export to csv (action_table.csv)

a , is not allowed as a decimal separator and must be replaced in the entire document

Ai don't need to be unsuspecting
Do not require StunPunch.asi or any other modification.
This will only work while nikos arms are down (not in fighting position)

To fix this duplicate the line stun_punch_A_Act in tab On Foot Actions


All (not necessary but will allow the AI to make a stun_punch. but it requires MeleeMartialLevelPercent is set to 100 for Ai)

ObjectDamageMult is the amount of damage on objects and vehicles
In taskParams.txt it is possible to make ai fly when hit by meele or bullet

iv'e tried to follow his steps but got stuck at the Export to CSV part. and it was very complicated. maybe someone can make it like the guy who gave this stepes and put the files for download (to EFLC to)
or the Leopard_ mod to would be great, and even if you know about an alreday made Gta V direct punch mod that would be awesome to.

please help me out. thanks alot Amit

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