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Tips to avoid masturbation


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Okay I found myself quite addicted to this stuff and lately I've got groin pain because of over masturbation. I've got to stop fapping (twice or more per day) which is absolutely nuts if you ask me, but I do it sometimes because I'm bored as f*ck. Okay you might say, yeah dude go and have a busy life, but I assure you that I'm having quite a busy life nowadays. Thing is that I've created like a habit of fapping after I wake up or before I go to sleep, to release stress. But I want to stop doing it for all. Generally I do not get horny if I'm watching hot videos or anything, I just have an mechanism that drives me to do it. So do you guys have any tips of how to stop fapping or at least reduce it at least?

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I tried recently too. Didn't make it, but I'm cutting out porn viewing instead.


What worked for me was to just stop thinking about it when the urge came up, like some people do with meditation, just throw the thought out when it pops into your head. If it helps, find an alternative like working out, or taking a cold shower, maybe write an essay about why you're quitting to remind yourself.


If the thread gets locked and you need any support you can PM me. :)

Edited by Joe Chip
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Special Members

There is no escape from masturbation, man.


It's like meth. Once you've done it, you're hooked.


Untill you find a woman to plug it into, of course.

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Look at a picture of your mom before you do it (Unless you're into that type of stuff)

Edited by Dbns_Finest
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Hmm you're not alone in this I highly doubt.


Really the only thing you can do is think about something else to get rid of the thought. I personally force myself to read something online, about history, news stories whatever to get my mind occupied with something else. Doesn't always work but its still the best way not only are you abstaining but you're learning something as well.

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Look at a picture of your mom before you do it (Unless you're into that type of stuff)


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Yeah, no thanks.

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