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Crazy Angels of Hell Is Now Recruiting All players. PS3 ONLY


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Crazy Angels of Hell is Now Recruiting all Players.

We are a Newer Crew looking to expand and make all other crews look like a Social Club.

Crew Leaders: Faponmyface and Amanikable

Looking for People that like to collect bounties, kill random players over and over again and that like to have lots of fun.

We do all sorts of things from Missions to gain cash or finding that one dick on the session that is making all others pissed off.


Once a month once we get enough members we will be hosting either a Race or Free for All Death Match and the winner of that Race/FFA will Win a 20$ Shark Card for your use.


Respect is the biggest thing.

Fap and Amani (Leaders of the Crew) Will always join your game and help you out if you need help killing a group of players that wont leave you alone, etc.

We expect that you would do the same to help your fellow Crew Member(s) out.

We do not ask that you have to play with every crew member all the time, but there might be certain times that one of us or multiple members might need your help and we would hope you would join right in and help them out!

All together we just like to have a great time. We play mostly at night. We usually log on between 11pm-1am Eastern Time but we play for hours at a time!

There are rare times where we will be on earlier in the day time or evening to get things going faster.


We do require that you be over 16 years of age

You need to have a working mic at all times (Easy for us to communicate with you if we are going out to do something big with a bunch of members).

Must be able to take jokes and name calling (Note: We do it out of fun not to harass or pick on you)

The last requirement to joining or staying in our crew is that we are the only crew you are allowed to be in. We understand this might be a strict requirement but when you are in more than one crew some times its hard to keep focus on a certain crew(s) at one time. We are sorry to say that if we see that you have joined another crew we will first bring you into a Inv Only Game with the Leaders of the crew. We will than explain our crew rules and if you want to stay you must leave your other crew. We will however never invite anyone that is already in a crew. This is a simple yet can be a annoying rule for everyone in our crew, we just ask that you follow all the Requirements and just to be honest with us!

Things we do not Require!

We do not require you to have a leather jacket with our crew symbol on them. In our minds thats just to much to ask for.

We don't ask that you have certain cars or bikes to roll with us. Thats just too original. For us its much cooler if you got 10 crew members rolling up to destroy another crew in some sick ass rides that we all personally designed ourselves.

We do not require you to play every single day of every hour. Just like you to be active!

How to try out for CAoH

We will bring you into a Invite Only Game with Myself and/or Faponmyface.

We then will see how you can handle getting away from the cops with 4-5 Stars

We will see your tactics on how to rob stores (Not allowed to kill the Clerk).

We like to see how you can drive and maneuver around cars, buildings, people and etc.

Crazy Angels of Hell was formed on the knowledge that we are not trying to be the biggest and baddest crew on GTAV.

We would like to be a Good crew that when we enter people know who we are and might try to kill us and make the game more fun!

We were formed by 2 close friends/cousins that just enjoy playing the game.

If you would like to join our Crew there are a few ways of doing so!

1. You can go to the SC Website and Search for Crazy Angels. Here is a copy and past method. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crews/search/alltypes/Crazy%20angels

2. You Can add Faponmyface or Amanikable to PS3 and Send us a Friend Request with a message letting us know you would like to join our crew!

Please If you are going to Add us on PS3 we ask that you send us a message letting us know that you would like to join the crew!

3. You can Visit our Facebook Page that was recently Created. Please Like the page and send us a message with your PS3 name and we will add you and message you a time to be on

Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/CrazyAngelsOfHell

Again we just want to grow into a good crew with a good community behind us and just have fun in the game!

Thanks in Advance!

Edited by Amanikable
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Needs a SC link or it'll have to be locked.

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