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Two new sections


Recommended Posts

What about a section where you can request things? I wanted to start a topic about the fact that I'm searching for an american guy who knows stuff about cars and such. But where? The General Chat is filled with serious, big topics and everything else isn't suitable. Okay, in this case I just could have opened the thread in the vehicle section, but what if you're searching for team members for a SAMP server? Where does this go? Possible topics would be:


"GTA Ultimate Network needs artworks"

"Can someone design me an avatar?"

"I need someone who is familiar with the spanish culture!"

"What does the fox actually say?"


I think you got the idea. Although some of them could fit into the GFX Request section, I recommend to merge that into the new, general request section.


The other section I would love to have would be the 'Spamming and Trolling' subforum.


Threads like


"It's my birthday today!"

"I finally reached 1200 posts yay"

"Do you have pets?"

"Forum game: Count to 1000"



would fit here. To prevent a massive spam of completely useless topics, totally empty/useless topics should be forbidden.


What doya think? :)

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Between all the forums and topics we have here, there really isn't any where you couldn't post your questions. Having a dedicated forum would just be redundant.


As for the second idea, no, just no. Spam is spam. It needs to be dealt with and removed, not worshiped by being moved to a dedicated forum where everyone can add to it.

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Some of you people need to leave the GTAO section once in awhile.. there's a whole universe of sections on this board.

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I don't mean a spamming section like the trash threads á la this GIF we had around here a while ago, but rather chatting threads, forum games, forum RPGs, company threads and whatever. There is a very successful german minecraft forum with a Spamming and Trolling section, without any spam, really.



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There are places those can go, and there's IRC if you want to chat.

No need for all this crap.


"Spamming and Trolling" section is hilariously stupid.

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