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The Most Awkward Running Animation

Judicious 7

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I always thought that Luis and Johnny running animation looked odd as if they had to take a sh*t.


On the other hand, Claude and Tommy running animation looks goofy af.

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On 10/4/2014 at 5:48 PM, Drunken Cowboy said:

Tommy runs like some 1920's cartoon, but Luis stands alone...

Johnny's is pretty labored and odd, but the game implies it's because of an injury sustained from a bike crash prior to the game.

“A 1920s cartoon “ I laughed way too hard at that 

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Tommy runs like they didn’t test him running on flat surface until the final product was finished and they said “well it’s good enough “ 


Cj runs like his body is too heavy for him 


Niko runs like he’s trying to be the world fastest jogger 


Claude like gta 3 protagonist was originally suppose to been a clown 


Luis runs like his running animation was only to be used to when  he was carrying something heavy and rockstar forgot to add his original running animation back 



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Tommy, he is so fast, even faster than other protagonists.

Most likely, he is like Sonic in GTA. And of course his running animation is weird.

Edited by Letus
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5 hours ago, Americana said:

Johnny... 100%. What were they even thinking...?


Maybe it's so bad only on PC...?


He's just meant to have a slight limp. It adds to his character imo and I don't mind it since he still runs the same speed as Niko/Luis and the limp is just a visual effect.

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2 hours ago, Carl Theft Auto said:

GTA IV Protagonist runs like they are being chased by bears

They run like if they shat their pants

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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Claude. He looks like he wants to sh*t.

Tommy. He runs too fast.

Edit: I just realized I already replied to this topic lmao.

Edited by OH76
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Niko runs like he's got a tennis ball up his ass. Michael Hollick must get stares when he goes out for jogs.. (assuming he did Niko's running mocap)

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Am I the only one who thinks Niko runs perfectly fine and properly for an ex-soldier? 

Edited by The Tracker
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Claude looks really funny while running, hes just flailing his arms and its really funny, Luis on the other hand..... Looks really awkward and slow, He pretends hes jogging while walking and it looks weird

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Eugene H. Krabs
On 2/23/2019 at 2:25 PM, Eugene H. Krabs said:

All of them.


Claude runs like he just wiped his ass with sandpaper, Tommy runs like a Scooby-Doo character, CJ looks like he’s trying to hug the air, Niko runs like a rooster, and both Luis and Johnny run as if they just sharted

Updating this. The V trio runs like they got shot in the leg or something and Vic runs like he's in a game of football

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