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GTA IV Police Clan (PC)


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Hi im recruiting for my brand new clan!
Teamspeak IP:

We are pleased to welcome you to one of the nicest GTA 4 Role Play clans out there. Members of our clan come from around the world to enjoy our serious and organized game play in addition to the great GTA community we have built. This clan is built around the Minnesota State Police (MNSPD) and we strive to be as realistic and professional as possible in order to represent the real MNSPD.

If you are planning on joining our clan, here is a brief run down of how things will look for you. First, you will register and have completed an application for either MNSPD (this application is for patrol officers - which we call "Police Officer"), the Operational Communication Centre (our out-of-game dispatching role), or to Minnesota Fire/Rescue (our fire and ambulance service). Once an application is received, our P.R Unit will review it to ensure it contains complete and thoughtful answers, and that all of the basic requirements are met.. In order to meet the objective of offering a serious and professional role play community, we have implemented a minimum age requirement of 14 years of age. Once an application is reviewed, an interview will be set up with a P.R Officer for the earliest available opportunity. After an interview is completed, the application will either be rejected or approved.

If approved on the cadet route, you will be given "Cadet" status within the clan. It is as this point that we expect you to download all the required mods, vehicle packs and begin reviewing the vital information on our site. Once a training is scheduled, sign up and see if you have what it takes to become a real officer. For those candidates that are successful at training, you will be progressed onto the Cadet B
stage and assigned to the "General Duty Section" (Patrol) where you will be allowed to patrol in games while still being supervised and mentored. You will be under the close watch of senior clan members and command staff while playing games in the Primary Dispatch channels. From there, you will be able to progress to the rank of Police Officer. Depending on your unit, there are many special certifications and leadership opportunities that present themselves and give you much room to grow within the community. As you progress through the Police ranks, you will be able to apply to many of our other units like: S.W.A.T, Marine Unit, Air Unit, Dispatch and much more!

Our clan also utilizes the same command structure as the real MNSPD. We require all members to observe and follow the command structure at all times whether it be on the website, teamspeak or in game. This structure allows for a more organized and professional game play.

We hope this answers some of your questions and piques your interest a little more! We wish you the best of luck with your online career as a part of the GTA MNSPD Clan!

MNSPD Commissioners Office

Commissioner Jon, Commissioner Caleb.


Edited by jonnyboy135
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