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Grand Theft Auto 3D

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GTA3D Mod. Bringing it back to the way it used to be, step by step.   Grand Theft Auto 3D is a team effort to bring GTA 3 back to its earliest stages. The mod has been built from the gr

Updates:     The Dyablo has been added to the game, painstakingly remade by Son of Big Boss! This ride comes in a variety of colors thanks to Serg's carcols overhaul, but I think w

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14 minutes ago, Speccy said:

Congratulations! :D


I can only imagine how rewarding it must feel to reach this milestone!


Hope this will be a memorable day for everyone that took part in development as it surely will be in the modding community.

It feels like a ten-ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Still, GTA3D will be just a ripple compared compared to Shine o' Vice releasing 🤗


To anyone playing the mod now, how does it feel so far? We're eager to hear your feedback on things that should be fixed and changed.

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Apart from crashing it because I spawned a Chopper via Debug Menu (dumb me), it works/feels great! No crashes or anything so far. Feels like an actual 2000s game.
(even though the School Bus has some bugs like interior not being visible from the outside and whatnot)

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We also hope to see you guys share your gameplay experiences or reviews through videos. So don't be shy to link your videos if you have any! :D

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Brilliant work to all involved, it's amazing how accurate this feels and I love the style you've gone for with the menus, it's great to finally see this out in the public, here's hoping it gets the attention it deserves.

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Maybe reduce the particles a little bit (vehicle smoke is over exaggerated) 

And also, maybe try out that walking animation I believe is claude's alpha one.

Also, are the rest of the pedestrians gonna be their vanilla ones? I hope they get replaced with alpha looking ones. in this case, just make up your own design you see fit the vibe (since there is no more screenshot or renders of other alpha pedestrians). 

Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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We actually made it so that we can have all the alpha peds from their early stages and a few very early beta ones. 


Only the early beta ones were kept from final. Do note, we still have to add a few pedestrians and that will be through updates very soon. :)

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I really hope to hear the new radio stations soon.

Is claude's sprinting animation gonna be changed to his alpha one?

Also, honestly the vehicles are way too bright, I know you guys are trying to go for the alpha look, but I don't the vehicles were that bright.

It would be nice that everything didn't look so bright, can you maybe tone it down while keeping the look somewhat faithful to the alpha?

I'm getting too much of a Alpha mod 2.0 vibe.

Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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The vehicles are from the real files. So apart from 4 alpha vehicles, they are all the real models they had! 

You might see them as too bright because you mostly saw Photoshop pictures of them. 



This is how the real cars looked in the real build. 

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I know, I mean they were for some reason, SUPER BRIGHT like Source SDK full_bright. hell, everything seems to be lacking prelighting!? what the hell going on with my game? I've been changing the resolution to fit the screenshots. I think that had something to do with it? (i just realized this now)

Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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1 minute ago, Sergiu said:

Join our Discord for any issues and we'll try to support you. :)

f*ck, I guess I have no choice. I'm joining as a guest then


Edited by xxnooblyxx(temp ban)
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2 minutes ago, Sergiu said:

Join our Discord for any issues and we'll try to support you. :)



This is what the mod is supposed to look like. 


Yeah, it doesn't look like that to me. weird. Wheres the link to discord server?

Sorry to double-post but

is it because I turned Trails off?

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Damn! 4 years of hard work and the we finally have a release. Congratulations team. I'll download it later in the day and take a look. Also, do you guys have a non mega link? It's blocked in my country.

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11 hours ago, Razor_BladePL said:

To be Honest with you, this... trick no longer works, cant fool people any longer for "release" if it wont get released anyway. :/ Maybe it worked several times before, but not anymore.





It's great to see the mod released. I'm gonna download it and play for a while. Great job, guys! :)

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Can't believe is really out. Wonder if SoV will be out this year too, seeing Silent's debug work.

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Wow! Nice to see this finally being released.

The team surely has done an amazing job to make this mod.

I have played it and it surely looks like a demo version of GTA III.

Edited by _Æ_
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3 hours ago, Consulexe said:

Are there any ways to play this with the Steam release? I do not have the retail version of the game.

Not really. But to play it just put the audio folder to the gta3d directory and put in the audio files provided in the download for our own beta audio changes. 

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Well.. I made a video about it. Sergiu approves it, so.. enjoy.

(if the video is unavailable to you, that's because I, later, consider edit being pure garbage and make it private. If you really want to see some cringy-worthy video, PM me or smth)

Edited by Matt1010
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