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Grand Theft Auto 3D

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GTA3D Mod. Bringing it back to the way it used to be, step by step.   Grand Theft Auto 3D is a team effort to bring GTA 3 back to its earliest stages. The mod has been built from the gr

Updates:     The Dyablo has been added to the game, painstakingly remade by Son of Big Boss! This ride comes in a variety of colors thanks to Serg's carcols overhaul, but I think w

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Most likely as HIERFILE from gta3.dat. That's how we're using them in gta3d now at least.

Edited by The Hero
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Have a video with the cars in-game. Textures are WIP. LODs are turned off for the alpha feeling.



Wait, is this a video of the real alpha of GTA III or a video of the mod? I can't see the difference. :blink:

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We have compared, actually.


We were very close but what is quite different is the car sizes. Otherwise, about spot on. :)


Vadim M might be on it. As a matter of fact, he told us first about the cars.

Edited by Sergiu
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These alpha cars were discovered by Dimzet. He noticed that after converting vehicles.dff (it has old format) it suddenly becomes very light (some kBs) in comparison with the original 8MB file. He messed around with the HEX editor and manually extracted all those alpha vehicles.


As Hero told, the RW analyzer didn't see these hidden clumps, so it was a pure luck that he discovered them. All credits goes to Dimzet.


The models are legit, but some of them are very unfinished having no "damaged" parts or other stuff.

Edited by Vadim M.
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No, that's my debug menu (link in sig).

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Some of the vehicles are missing from the "vehicles.dff" and we have no idea why. For instance, there is no Reefer although there is a render on CA site.
By the way, the CA renders look to be older than the alpha models.

Edited by Vadim M.
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Instead of asking too much,all yall should READ this whole topic from the beginiing instead of scrolling trough for screenshots,gameplay footage or release dates.

I found this image can be usefull


1-This picture is well know.not rare

2-this is beta state (early 2001) the team is focusing on the alpha stages.(2000)

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