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Grand Theft Auto 3D

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  • Sergiu


  • Jinx.


  • Gamerjman19


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GTA3D Mod. Bringing it back to the way it used to be, step by step.   Grand Theft Auto 3D is a team effort to bring GTA 3 back to its earliest stages. The mod has been built from the gr

Hey everybody! It's been a long time, hasn't it? The mod has evolved a lot over the years, and GTA III certainly feels like a different game now...        

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Sergoo and Dr. Jagged wondered into the wrong neighborhood of the internet and were stolen my Russian hackers.


One of them used Sergoo's forum account to taunt me



Not sure what it means, but I think he's threatening me

Edited by Gamerjman19
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More alive than you think.


then weres the screenshots?


good questionno it isnt a good question, just because progress isn't shown on the forums, that doesn't mean it's dead. and you'll belive the hero soon enough. Edited by Jinx.
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They don't have to post pictures daily.Be patient.

They don't. Not even weekly (although I would like that not gonna lie) But understand the last time we got screens was like 3 months ago?


You see that when a thread gets inactive for such a period people will start getting a bit impatient? Although, I think we should get used to this kinda stuff now as it happens so much. (Inb4 Sergiu posts a screen of the mod as in to make my post have no meaning anymore)

Edited by CarsonGT
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Perhaps some people should be reminded that modding is just a hobby, not something we can live with.

And frankly, 3 months isn't even that long.The OP might be busy.

Give the mod some time and good things will come eventually.

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On 11/7/2017 at 11:34 PM, Dexolux said:

For god's sake, it was supposed to be released in September 2016, Sergiu itself confirmed it 'till a few days before the supposed release!


Edited by kretin8
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Yeah, we finally reached a goal of remaking all the things for a segment. You try to guess which from our posts from 3 months ago. ;)


The wait is almost over, for real now.

Edited by Sergiu
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Anxiously waiting this release, always wanted to see this going on.


Also wanted to know if the darkel missions are included...

Release 1 will use a modified debug mission script by default and will serve as a test bed for future updates. No missions have been created and it's not recommended to play through vanilla III with the mod enabled.

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