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Can't find a professional Role Play clan? LOOK HERE! [Xbox 360


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I am starting a new Role play clan on GTA 5 for Xbox 360 and i need a small team of 3 members to help me start it up i am undecided on what the clan will be other than that it will need to be a realistic Role play clan if you wish to be apart of this unique experience please visit our website as stated below. Please make sure you read all information on the home page before joining. This is a great opportunity for anyone who cannot find a professional Role play clan that suits them join us and have a say in everything that goes on.


R* Socialclub: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/starting_up_a_crew

Website: http://startingarpclan.webs.com/


Requirements to join are as follows:

- Must speak good English.

- Must have Xbox live gold.

- Must be 13 or above.

- Must have a working mic not a kinect mic.

- Must be open to opinions.

- Must be able at work as a team with others.

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im renewng my gold membershp this week wednesday i already filled out your contact me form on the website! get back at me

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Hello, my name is vinvoo1234. I am the leader of United Military Corp. We are strong and serious military role playing crew. We request ally ship with you crew. Or we can evan work with each other.


- United Military Corp Leader




United Military Corp©

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Hey I am interested in joining your Crew. Pleas send me a friend request. My Gertag is EaGleStRike90


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