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Piaggio MP3 or the Vespa GTS 300SS - Motorscooters in GTA:O


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With the change in handling the current-gen Faggio has suffered, I personally think the addition of motorscooters or just a wider variety of faster scooters would be lovely.




This has a real life top speed of over 130 KM/H. Perfect getaway vehicle if put through customization at LSC










500cc's of perfection.




Your opinion?

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What you call me, OP?! Listen. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all..


Lol, OT: I would like a faster scooter though. Maybe a combination between the Thrust & Faggio.

Edited by Judicious 7
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Just give us the Faggio from IV and we're good.
Also create a new category for motorcycles, call it Cruisers since they can't compete with the sports bikes

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they should add the IV Faggio, have good memories of Niko doing drive bys on it

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BEST TOPIC EVAR! But close it, because like it was mentioned... Game isn't in europe... We could have older scoots that appeared in murica' though...


The fact that they haven't given us this yet...




Means we probably won't see THAT many great vehicles of each of our liking. While I like the new Lampy car, (Actually LOVE IT!) It's not something I would have initially expected.


But this was a GREAT topic.


GR Choke is an AMAZING Mc... I read his response in rhyme with rhythm and everything. I made my day.

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I love how the stock image portrays someone actually wanting to ride on a scooter with someone else.

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