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GTA EFLC - iCEnhancer d3d9.dll error

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I'll get straight to the point - whenever I attempt to launch EFLC with iCEnhancer (I'm using the EFLC version of iCEnhancer) the game throws a bunch of errors, which the error messages always say the same thing over and over again, they repeat for about 8 times. This is the error that I'm getting:


I'm using a cracked version of the game and I've also used the injector version of iCEnhancer, but the injector version has a problem of it's own. The injector version without the actual d3d9.dll file launches fine, but it has a problem where the actual iCEnhancer graphics don't work and I only see the vanilla ones and whenever night sets in then my game goes pitch black and I can't see a single thing, I have to use the native trainer to set the time to day to see anything. I've tried ENB with a different game which would be NBA 2k14, the same error appears. This hasn't been going on for long though, about several weeks ago I could play NBA 2K14 with ENB (even though it's not iCEnhancer it still uses the d3d9.dll which seems to cause the problem in the first place) on perfectly without the error, but when I downloaded EFLC the d3d9.dll error started to appear for both games and then I screwed with my directx to get the game working since I've heard that my directx is messed up and the game can't run with the mod because of it. Here's the trickiest part - whenever I reinstall the game and put iCEnhancer into the root folder right after I finish installing and cracking the game everything works fine, I still get the error though, after pressing OK for about 8-9 times the game launches and the ENB enables and I play perfectly fine (I get the error which you can see in the picture, but this time I can actually play the game despite it appearing anyways). After launching the game for about 5 times and/or restarting my PC and trying to launch the game again I get the d3d9.dll error again, after clicking OK enough times for the game to launch and the error to vanish, the game launches and I see the very first starting text and the game crashes, rendering me unable to even see the actual gameplay without the starting text. I've been trying to fix this problem for about 4 days and I'm still confused on how to fix this.. I need help, anyone?

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Razor 1911



Edited by fefenc

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