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Why are armor vests so nerfed online compared to SP?


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I never understood this. Everyone has known about how utterly worthless armor is since day one when it comes to Online, but I never really sat down and tried to see how many hit points it has.


Yesterday, a friend and I were screwing around in an Invite-Only session, and I decided to bring him to the beach with me so we could field test the new guns. I first brought out the "Assault Shotgun" (pretty much a SAIGA 12-gauge, but whatever) and tried to hit him from as far away as possible with it. The first hit, he told me, depleted his entire armor bar. "Okay" I thought, maybe this thing is really beastly at mid range. Then I hit him again, and it only took off about 20% of his lifebar. Keep in mind he is well above Level 100, so he has "Max Health". So that means that the armor provides roughly about ~20% extra protection on top of your normal HP.


This is just baffling to say the least. This could explain why you can carry up to 10 reserve armors in your inventory. I just don't see why it got nerfed for online when it was perfectly potent in SP. If anything, it would encourage people to git gud and learn to go for headshots more often. As it is, armor is pretty much a glorified placebo protection that will protect you from maybe 2 or 3 extra bullets if you're lucky. Despite it's massive nerfing, I still always buy it on Missions and make sure to stock up on reserves whenever I can.


If no one has done it before, I'm interested in doing a slightly more exhaustive field testing of the armor to try to see how different weapons impact it. It goes without saying the armor is almost worthless either way. I've literally lost 70% of the armor bar just from falling on my face from a drop that was roughly 10 feet. I've lost up to 45% of it in a single vehicular collision.


The thing I don't get is, what *reason* was there to nerf it. Like, balance isn't a legit enough reason. All hostile A.I. has Jesus-tier accuracy even with handguns from unreal distances, sniping you in the back of the head through the back windshield while you're speeding away at 100+mph in a rainstorm. How could they have thought "hey, the Online players will be under fire from our overpowered enemy A.I. as well as other players. Let's take the armor and make it provide the protection of a box of Kleenex."

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Cash cards ;) But seriously, I agree with you. I would happily pay 10 times as much to have it actually do something.

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Firstly the body armor is in no way done correctly it should be reducing damage by a percentage (irl when you are hit in body armor the bullet still leaves heavy bruising cracked or broken ribs etc) it should be damage reduction over a period of time till it wears out but thats logic and rockstar just fails in that department.

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Also, you shouldn't lose it if you switch sessions or try to join a job, fail, and then are returned to free roam.


Personally I think keeping your snacks full is a better investment. They are cheaper and if you're in a situation where you don't have to run or change weapons fast, you can have your inventory open and keep spamming the X button (or whatever it is on X-Box) while you are shooting at your enemies (unless they are other players with RPGs or something).

Edited by cswood
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Maya Echo Visari

I couldn't care less how much damage that the armor soaks up when a player is shooting me. Honestly, I look at that as just another ordinary thing I don't need to worry about when it comes to playing PvP. For both when I'm shooting, and they're shooting.


But, my only problem is, the armor is just worthless entirely. I just cannot fathom it's very existence in this game because it's just so weak. When you're playing missions, I feel as though it has absolutely no significance because the AI will just sweep your armor away as if you've never even had it in the first place and then you're left getting fat on snacks. Often I will even forget and ask myself If I bought armor during missions.


As OP said, given that the AI have bar-none god-like accuracy, (and are more accurate and harder to hit when shooting at you in a vehicle, for some frustrating, blood-boiling reason), armor is just another way to waste $500 dollars before you start a mission.


It's f*cking stupid. Why is armor so weak against the AI? I swear there are times where I wish that Rockstar could just take it away because I'm tired of buying it, and seeing it on the lobby menu.


Now, if, they would replace the armor's appearance with that of a wet paper bag, or a Mexican poncho, I wouldn't complain!

Edited by SevDoggX
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Yeah, snacks are an infinitely better investment. Not only are they hella cheaper, and you can have a lot of them, but they are actually beneficial to your character's lifespan! I've literally never played another game where the body armor was so weak and pointless before in my entire life.


And +1 for the mention of how the A.I. somehow gets even *more* accurate when they're in a vehicle. That makes literally less than zero sense. I hate the goddamned enemies that are in helicopters, because you can't lock on to them 99.9% of the time, and even if you free-aim them, I swear they either have 1000% extra health than most enemies or they just have some sort of bullet shield that prevents them from dying quickly. So many aspects of the game are broken when it comes to A.I. that it's not even funny.

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