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[WIP|SA] HD CJ Retexture

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wow its really really cool i have to say im glad you put all of the body types (muscle,skinny and fat) and the clothes are awsome! (:

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Is it DEAD?

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Soul Taker Anonymous

Is it DEAD?

Seems like it.

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That's what I like it! HD CJ Retexture keeping his original face, haircuts and clothes, but some haircuts are not in HD. Whatever, it's awesome and if you can check out the haircuts, please do it. :lol:

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Hi :lol: , in this mod my plan is to remake ALL clothes, ALL haircuts, ALL body types, ALL Tattoos, etc, in HD, but keep the GTA San Andreas original clothing style... I want to enhance the CJ look.. I've added some GTA San Andreas IOS models like hands with fingers, and Cutscenes and In-Game models of CJ's head so he will look better.. I've resized every texture file in Player.img with (512*512) so I can make Higher resolution textures. Be sure to check for updates.. When finished I will provide the entire Player.img file to download.. LEAVE SUGESTIONS :lol:


PS: Original face texture is from Indra_p' mod HD Characters for GTA IV I've just edited the texture to fit CJ on San Andreas and made some other tweaks on the skin to fit CJ's Original Head Model..


Jeans Textures that will be present in BETA v.2 are made by my buddy NightHawk107 that wanted to help me!






1- HD Body textures and haircuts

2- HD Clothes and tattoos

3- HD 3d models imported from GTA San Andreas IOS Version



1: All Tshirts with better HD Texture and "Pixel-less" HD Alpha

2: 3 Haircuts remade in HD (including original CJ face)
3: GTA San Andreas IOS 3d Player Models (separated fingers)
4: Some New Jeans, and Jackets
5: New Tattoos (will replace some of them)
6: New Torso Texture in HD (Skinny, Fat and Muscle)

7: GTA V Masks BY: Yassinely

8: BONUS: GTA V Bank Robber outfit (replaces Garage Suit)




How to Install:

1st: Download and replace your Player.img with mine!

2nd: Enjoy!


BETA 2.0: http://www.4shared.com/rar/HhjRHIdxba/GTA_SA_CJ_HD_REMAKE_BETA_20.html

DIRECT LINK: http://4server.info/download/4shared.com/rar/HhjRHIdxba/GTA_SA_CJ_HD_REMAKE_BETA_20.html





THIS sh*t DOESN'T WORK! Always crashes and not all clothes are HD

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So the mod is dead ?

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