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Possible to add subway lines?


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Okay...This might sound really stupid to some, but here we go.

I am a huge fan of the subway system in GTAIV. It's pretty cool how you can ride the subway to pretty much anywhere in NY (except for Alderney obviously). If you remember back in May 2012, a leaked vehicle list was found in the MP3 game files and it contained "monorail 1, monorail 2, monorail 3, along with subway high, and subway low." This vehicle list obviously isn't anything close to the vehicle list currently in the game, but there definitely is some legitimacy in the list. This makes me think that there were multiple public transportation train lines running through Los Santos and for some reason were cut from the final game. To further prove my point, if you look at the current streetcar line, it looks like it was almost thrown in at the last second. Take a look at the locations of the stations. There isn't a single station in Hollywood (Vinewood), but there are 3 underground stations within 5 blocks in the Rockford/Little Seoul area. It looks like there were multiple above and below ground train lines at a point and were joined together at the last minute. To be honest, it looks kinda funny to see a little two car streetcar pull into a massive subway station that could easily hold 5-6 cars.


So the question I'm asking is: Would it be possible (assuming GTAV will be just as moddable as GTAIV) to add subway lines in the game and actually make it a functional system? I don't know much about modding at all...Consider me a code monkey haha.


It would be really cool to have a public transportation system worth using in GTAV. ATM it's pretty much useless considering the streetcar tops out at like 2mph haha.


Edited by ~Tiger~
subject in title
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Please don't use topic titles like "Is this possible", summarise your topic (for the benefit of searches). Thanks.

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If there was ever a functioning subway system in the game and there are leftovers from it in the files, then it can easily be restored. I don't recall having heard anything about it, so either there was never such a system in place or it was removed for the most part before the completion of the development.


Either way, the answer would be yes. It can be added to V with modding. The more important question would be: is anyone willing to code it?

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Monorails and Subways would use the same code (or something similar). Not hard at all.

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This is something that bugs me about the game. The above ground railway and underground railway should have been their own independent railway lines, and feature appropriate rolling stock for each. Furthermore the two lines should have had interchange points in the game for easy transfers. It looks quite bad in how they hybridised it.



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if you have noticed the subway network is fully setup but is not functional. Maybe its due to limitation of current gen? idk. yes..maybe on next gen..it can be done.

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Maybe its because they rebuilt LA. And LA doesnt really have a good public transportation system.

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