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Old Days


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Hey, guys its me Sumit from http://dyom.gtagames.nl/. I don't if you guys know me or not but still Hi!!


I wanted to share my mission with you all. Actually old missions because I made them like 3-4 months ago.

Ok so, here are the links.


Police Work



I still remember this was the first mission which I made.

In this mission you are a police officer and you gotta kill the terrorist.


Battle los angeles (SA remake)



This mission about that in year 2013 los santos have been attacked by an unknown force. This force was well equipped and trained. This force came as meteorites which fell on the santa maria beach. But from the explosion of meteorites some unknown creatures came out and started attacking the people. In this mission you are a us marine and your job is to kill all the aliens.


Black Hawk Down



This mission is not based on the movie Black Hawk Down or Game Delta Force BHD. This mission is completely based on my imagination for a funny game. So, enjoy.


I hope you guys gonna like my missions

Edited by HackingFreak
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You are Indian right? and yea i also used to make those Army, Black hawk missions in my beginning of DYOM. your english is fine but there are some sentence problems there, anyway i think i should play it. goodluck for future missions friend.

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Yea, man I'm an Indian and I'm glad that you gonna play my mission. Thanks buddy!!!

Please Comment after playing.

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