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Joshua Wong declares protest "waste of time" tells civilians t


Recommended Posts

Thats right people Joshua Wong would never say this because he's leading the chinese to freedom so it must be johnnyzoo's first

ever milestone post and not just any its a

3000 milestone post.

It's taken 5 years to accomplish what people like Biohazard Abyss do in 5 minutes

which is post inordinate amounts of flapdoodle.

First I'd like to thank the gtaforums for allowing me a place to hang out these 5 years, a dude like myself

needs some entertainment and company and thankfully you guys (the knowledgeable and sometimes great Mods) have

provided me a place to be schizophrenic without judgement. I dont talk much about my schizophrenia because

the guys tell me its not a good idea, "People will think you're crazy." is what they say.

Secondly I'd like to thank you guys for putting up with my sometimes less than stellar posts. If you've noticed

I've toned back on the no. of threads to nil. Thats the only way I will improve quality of

posts and mainly because I'm not around often and got a job to look for.

I dont know a lot here personally but for those I've come into contact with through PM's conversations or

a funny comment you made that I liked or you've just been around here long enough that I feel I've gotta

respect you here is a list of all those peeps.

Respect List:


CCJJBB (i think his names changed?)






Ryan (sometimes ;) )



Cool dudes:


Marwin Moody









MoonLight Traffic


Peeps that need to remove head from anus:


Im sure I've forgotten lots of you wonderful members and this list is by no means comprehensive but just give a shout out if you want.

Well you can now get your free posts people.

Here's to the next 12000.
Edited by johnny_zoo
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make total destroy


Cool dudes:


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Congrats. Thanks for having me in your Cool Dudes section man :D

Edited by gtamann123
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CCJJBB (i think his names changed?)

Yeah, like, almost a year ago.



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Congrats on the 3k! Here's to 12k and many more. :)



Edited by Joe Chip
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Why are you so mean to Myron???

I assure you, I consider this an addition to my personality rather than a subtraction. I feel sorry for everyone else more than anything.

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Congratulations :^:



It's taken 5 years to accomplish what people like Biohazard Abyss do in 5 minutes
LOL, true. Edited by AlexanderS4
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The Harwood Bitcher

Being honest ,you are not the coolest guy here, but you are decent to everyone and a little weird, so congratulations!!

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Thanks for the congrats guys! Thanks alot harwood bitcher i was trying to BE the coolest one here.

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Congrats on the milestone.. Indeed one of those misleading milestone funny topics. Good one :colgate:

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Even though idk you. :^:



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Congrats amigo!



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