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(PS3) Professionals PMC Now Recruiting


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Looking for a Military Roleplay themed crew that uses Tactics and teamwork to get the job done?


Professionals PMC (Private Military Crew) is for you!


This Military themed crew uses a wide variety of Military tactics and strategies to eradicate the enemy. Before you can be considered a Professional you must prove yourself by showing you can operate proficiently as a team. You will learn squad formations, squad room entries and other forms of military combat techniques. We will host weekly training events and also weekly Scenario Missions to prepare ourselves for crew battles. Being a Military themed crew makes Hierarchy important, so respect and listen to your CO (Commanding Officer). When we are not on the battlefield, we are using our tactics to pull off heists, assassinations, claim bounty’s and complete missions. Next time you’re being trolled don’t call the unreliable Merryweather PMC, trust a Professional! Professionals PMC has a 0 tolerance policy. Mature Gamers only, we are a military realism crew. Which means we are attempting to make this experience as realsistic as possible. Any horsing around, teamkilling, immature behavior will result in an immediate ban.


Note: This is a New Crew Looking for atleast 5 loyal and serious candidates to help turn this PMC into something great.


Crew Requirements

1. Link PSN Account to Social Club

2. Have Profile Open To View.

3. Must Have a Mic (No Exceptions) Communication is Key

4. Mature Gamers Only (16+)

5. Active (Minimum 3x Week)

6. Loyal (No Crew Jumping)

If you think you have what it takes to become a Professional, request an invite on our crew page.



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