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How much does GTA Online consume your life?


How much does GTAO consume your life?  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. How often do you play GTAO?

    • 1-2 hrs a week (don't really play anymore... I prefer to live in the real world)
    • 1-2 hrs a day (just when I'm bored or nothing is on TV)
    • 3-5 hrs a day (grinding for RP and cash)
    • 6-9 hrs a day (I honestly have nothing going on in my life)
    • 10+ hrs a day (GTA Online is a substitute for my horrible, boring life... help me)

Recommended Posts

Captain Revenge

3 to 5 hours, depending on my marijuana intake sometimes, tough to fly missions when u can't keep your eyes open. 66 days playing time but character created on October 7th, 2013. Had i made a better effort to grind more i would have made rank 600 by October 7th, 2014

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I stopped playing GTA Online a while ago. Now I play a couple hours from time to time, just to mod my cars.

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Not as much as it used to. I now play a couple of hours on it when my friends are on or when a new update is released.

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I've stop playing gta online for about a month now it's just boring hopefully when the ps4 version comes out then hopefully the heists and or casino update will be out

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Right now I'm playing for 1-2 hours a day but I've been everyone of these at one point or another lol

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I go on binges, like a real crackhead. play for 7-8 hrs or more,

mostly 3-5hrs. This game has f*cked my sleep schedule for sure.

good thing i work for myself or i would fire me..

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Used to play at least an hour every day but haven't even fired up the game since the hipster update.


I drop by the forum to read update notes when they come out but I don't see the point of playing unless R* removes the property restriction on the game. Not really tempted to wait for PS4 version either for the same reason, there's no incentive to keep playing if all you do is pile up money and wait for a reason to spend it.


You should be able to buy everything you want with no restriction whatsoever as long as you have the cash for it. You're level 1 and you got money for a rocket launcher? Go out and buy it. You want to buy every property on the map? Work you ass off and go get 'em, that's why they're there.


Stupid as f*ck on R*'s part.

Edited by Piecekeeper
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Used to play a bit on launch, now im only playing some weekends or when new updates come because of player activity.

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Used to play it alot , been about 2 months since i have played it at all , waiting for ps4 version

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3-5 hours sometimes more I just play in the evening and in the night though. So at day time I have enough time for sports or going out with friends !

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Used to play 3-5hrs,but now getting bored and started playing Watchdogs,stil play at least an hour a day,see what happens with PS4 version which I ordered,but now thinking will I still want to play it........

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The loading screens took my time more than the actual quality play moment, sadly saying.

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What are you playing instead of GTAO ,guys ,would be interested to know ,it's a difficult act to follow,the online experience is (was) awesome...

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I play alot more then i need to. I guess i say that im addicted to this game which i never been with any game.

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I spend about 3-5 hours on gta online .. which some people find awkward because im a girl ..

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