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[Concept][All selfmade] Grand Theft Auto: Kingsley


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Grand Theft Auto: Kingsley (formerly The Lost Episode)

Setting: Kingsley State

Date: 2015




Grand Theft Auto: Kingsley is the overhauled version of my older concept The Lost Episode, what was seriously a mess. After I asked a mod to lock the old thread, I'm writing this new, overhauled version right now. :)


With Grand Theft Auto: Kingsley, Rockstar is rebooting the whole franchise at once. Not only that no company, car or character (with one or two exceptions) from previous episodes are used, but Rockstar is finally developing a GTA game with multiple main islands to travel to with an own unique mission line. In Grand Theft Auto: Kingsley, I wanted to get rid of the limitations V set like not being able to pull out a gun in interiors and much more. This game will set new standards in game history. The only concept on this forums that has a full wiki with articles for everything, like barber shops, every mission in the game, every car and much more. Although the content might seem a little bit small, everything is balanced and fleshed out. I want to create an ever emerging concept of a GTA game, but first of all, let's get started.




Rick Lee was born in 1980 in Liberty City, Liberty State. His mother Takako Sato died in an antiwar demonstration organized by the "Liberty Peace Alliance" in 1990. Shortly after, 1991, his father got arrested for a major crime he committed to protect Rick and his younger sister Mary. In fear of the orphanage, the eleven year old Rick and Mary stow away on an old cargo freighter. On board, Mary was found by the crew, raped and killed afterwards. Without knowing the destination and fearing the crew, Rick arrived in Port Davey. An old, retired police officer helped him building up his own business, Rick's Auto Garage, but after this officer died shortly after, Rick went to the bad, dealed drugs and established contact with the mafia, to be precise the Galucci Family. He made friends with the Don of the Galucci Family, Luigi Galucci. That is where the story of GTA: Kingsley starts.



Gameplay Features (quick overview):

In case this will eventually become an actual GTA SA mod, some of this might be impossible.

  • The freerunning from IV returns with some improvements, for example Rick is now more agile and the animations aren't so jerky
  • Barber shops, car shops and other customizing options return with improvements
  • Vehicle missions are reintroduced
  • The vehicle computer is available for the first time to save buttons
  • Different fighting styles return
  • More cars can now be tuned and/or stored in garages
  • You can buy your own business and have to run it. You will get advantages from it
  • The gangs are back into focus now, so expect advanced turf wars and your own custmizable gang
  • Restaurants are now enterable again
  • Burglary missions are back again
  • More realistic cop system
  • Advanced car variety using the RANYEA technology. For more information please visit the wiki page
  • Using certain weapons in certain regions is not criminal
  • You can travel to different travel destinations which are all seperate full size island
  • More gore: Heads will fly off like in San Andreas, more advanced blood physics
I can't think of more major improvements now, I'm sorry. :D


Major locations:


Still WIP, so please be patient. You can read the description of the first parts right here:







Kingsley (based on nothing, purely fictional) (Link to the map)


Kingsley is divided into six different parts. There is South Kingsley, where you literally won't survive if you're not immune to bullets, explosives or fat women, with the latter being the worst part. All in all, South Kingsley is a criminal ghetto and now even the police dares to step in this territory. Once, South Kingsley had two rival gangs fighting against each other; the Kingsley Amarillos and the Kingsley Arks. The Kingsley Amarillos are a hispanic gang that always had been in Kingsley and ruled this city a couple of years ago without any competitors. Then, some jamaican gangbangers decided to found their own rebel gang called the Kingsley Arks. Now, the Kingsley Amarillos managed to provoke riots in the Arks, and very soon the Arks split up in many minor street gangs who are altogether not strong enough to fight against the Amarillos.


There is Port Davey, where most of the export goods are shipped from like drugs, immigrants or less valuable goods like gold or silver. Port Davey is the biggest harbor on the whole map, with three enterable freighters it really is worth an exploration.


Moving on to the Lawrence Park. If you're a retired, old, midlife-crisis affected millionaire, this is certainly the place for you. Play golf or tennis with some like-minded "people" who definitely aren't your friends only for the sake of your money. Relax in one of the expensive premium cafés or by the huge lake in the middle (not included in the map).


What was that? West Davey? Oh... West Davey is a boring place for boring people who bore others. People like you and me, the middle class. People who can't afford a nice apartment in North Kingsley but don't want to live in South Kingsley. Do not expect gang life, people to rob or other criminals in West Davey; there are only normal people roaming the streets.


Davey Hills, the mix of North Kingsley and West Davey. You won't find anybody extremely wealthy and rich here, but there aren't only boring, ordinary people. Expect a friendly society, a mix of different cultures, interests and ages.


North Kingsley. The flagship part of the city. Please expect private golf courses, super cars, suits and every other louche thing that exists in this world. Sit down in one of the extremely expensive restaurants and enjoy being bootlicked by the employees there. Or even buy own property so that everybody knows that YOU made it in life.



Quiver County & Lost Grove



Quiver County (based on nothing, purely fictional)


Quiver County is the little bit countryside that is located north of Kingsley. It consists of three main parts:

  • Mount Quiver, a monstrous mountain right besides the metropolis Kingsley. If you enjoy walking through beautiful nature and exploring breathtaking natural wonders while hearing the roaring, stinking highway almost next to you, this is probably the perfect travel destination for you.
  • The Quiver National Park, a huge rural area full of rural, flat grassland, perfect for stunting and other semicriminal activities you can do in the game. It is not as scary as San Andreas' countryside, but it isn't as open and bright either. It reminds some people of European woods, because there are wide, flat areas as well as deep forests.
  • The Lost Grove, a real dark and spooky forest. This is a perfect place for snipers, horror movie actors and other quiet asassins, because it allows people to play hide and seek with the cops in this deep vegetation. It has some pretty cool abandoned areas too. But be careful! Hunters and wild animals strive around this area. Also, you don't know what's in the dark...
To imagine how these places look, we have some images for you to look at. :)


Quiver National Park (original picture by ebstock): nNxRIU7.jpg

Lost Grove (original image by JovanCormac from wikimedia): UYFyhbx.jpg

Mount Quiver (original image by Andreas F. Borchert): mountquiver2tbsen.png








Transportation (click on the vehicle names to read the article)


There are a sh*tload of vehicles and travel possibilities in the map. Discover all! But for now, have a non-complete list of the available vehicles ingame; it WILL be expanded and HAS TO be expanded.




Land vehicles



Adam (Opel):

Ankana (Toyota):Berry (Chevrolet):Chord (Plymouth):Christa (Volkswagen):Consta (Opel)Escucha (Audi):

Gorge (Ford):HUG (MAN):

Jong Cheng (Hyundai):Mellamo (Infiniti, Acura, Lexus):Ocar (cheap russian cars):

Penta (Mercedes Benz):Piccolo (Fiat):Pluto (Misc. luxury cars):Pride (Misc. sports cars):Shotaha (Yamaha):

Spiritua (Commercial planes):

Teak (Nissan):Twostripe (Dodge):Urinal (Uralski Awtomobilny Sawod):

Vulva (Volvo:)

Waves (Audi:)








Pedestrian Lines:

Pedestrians can be very funny. Especially in Kingsley.




These are one-liners said by random pedestrians depending on their type and current situation.






Hey, man.


I'm reeeeeally high right now. I am. Yeah.

Yo, what's up, my breda?

Get out of my line of sight, man.


(when attacked)

Hey, I almost spilled my dope on da ground.


Man, does this really have to be, man?

Seriously, man?

Not cool, man.

What the hell, man?

Calm down, dude.

Listen to some music.


(when raining)

Man, where is all this popcorn coming from? Wow.


Crap, it's raining.

This does... Man, my head hurts.








Get out of my way, you peasant.

You don't look like that kind of guy I like.

Do I look like I care?


(when attacked)

Do you want money?

f*ck off.

No, my shares!

If you hurt me, the stock market will crash!

No, god, no!


(when raining)

Damn, now my super cool smartphone could get wet.

My suit!

My wife doesn't like when my clothes aren't perfectly dry.

Get away, you peasant rain drop! No! Get off me!


(while phoning)

Yes, buy.

No, sell.

Do I look like I care? I know you can't see me, this was a metaphor. No, no meth here.

Give this man a million dollars. No, seriously, go to the bank.

Is my butler still there? Hello? Son't sleep while work!







There is much more to come, but I just have to go to sleep now. Look forward to more information soontm.

Edited by Wavesittich
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Sussus Amongus

There is much more to cum

lol. Oh, im so childish.
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There is much more to cum

lol. Oh, im so childish.


God damn. I'm not a native speaker, I am allowed to do this! :D

Edited by Wavesittich
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Added some missions. :)


Thanks to Ray Margarita for the Garvey character and missions.

New content coming sooooooon

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For some reason, I am beginning to think you are Maro.

Why is this? :O

He just took art from other people, put it in his thread and called it a 'concept' I have built up a whole wiki and have a team and you think I am Maro?

Edited by Wavesittich
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The Harwood Bitcher

For some reason, I am beginning to think you are Maro.

Haha, that was really mean.


On topic, why you invent so many brands and cars?

It doesn't feel like a gta and you are focusing on almost meaningless things.

Edited by The Harwood Bitcher
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No what?


For some reason, I am beginning to think you are Maro.

Haha, that was really mean.

On topic, why you invent so many brands and cars?

It doesn't feel like a gta and you are focusing on almost meaningless things.

Well, you're right, I need to focus more on criminal activities, characters and missions before going into detail this much. I am on it.

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No what?


He's just jealous. Don't mind him

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  • 3 weeks later...

Added some one-liners and serveral things in the location tab.


Mission index and characters will follow soon, together with the criminal activities.


Make sure to check out the wiki. :)

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have you seen my pm saying i wanna help out? I'll put them on my user page in the wiki and you can move them out if you want

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