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Any Decent Free Video Editing Software?


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Does anybody know of any decent free editing software?


The Microsoft Movie Maker is horrible and it takes 45 minutes for it to "prepare" a 2 minute video.


So i'm looking for a decent editing software maybe one that allows for a free trial or something and if it's any good I'll buy it but just looking for a free one at the moment.

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This might not be the best place for this question. I'm going to bump you over to Visual Arts. They'll probably have some suggestions for you over there.

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Most free video editing software are on par with WMM and they offer very limited options. If you really want a free alternative, Avidemux is a good option.



Although you won't get the same professional look you would with a paid software.

Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe after Effects are great options for Windows users


These are links for 30-days free trials:

Sony Vegas Pro



Adobe After Effects




If you're a Macintosh user, iMovie comes free with every new Mac.

I'm currently using Final Cut Pro. IMO FCP has the most user-friendly interface of all video editors I used.

Sony Vegas Pro also offers a more user-friendly interface than AAE imo, so if you're a beginner I recommend using Vegas Pro.


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Thanks I'll check them out, I just need them to basically edit gaming footage so i don't need nothing too fancy.


the WMM was fine and the videos turned out okay except it took an hour to process a 2 minute video before i could even being to edit it and the capture software that came with my capture device has an editing software with it but it's a hugh pain in the neck

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I personally use Pinnacle Studio.

Very user friendly.



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