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SnP Cap the collector [Android]


Recommended Posts

I have one after keep your friends close?

If you want the save earlier i'll try to get another save.

Btw plz post the topic in Guides and Strategies next time.


Edit: Ok well i only have a 100% save file. But i can start a new game if you want?

Although it may take a while because, The Driver.

It will propably take untill thursday.

Depending on how long i play.

Edited by HeroBrineR007
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Just FYI--


Vice city becomes VERY non linear in the story after the mission shake down that unlocks the businesses... there are 8 businesses


Pole Position

Cherry Poppers (ice cream)

Sunshine Autos

Boat yard


All have you do tasks...


The following have missions


Malibu Club (4)

Film Studio (4)

Kaufmann Cabs (3 I think)

Printworks (2 I think)


The printworks is the only one of these that are required...


The other requirments for the story to continue is any 5 of the above businesses (in addition to printworks) have to be generating cash by either doing the tasks or missions--


You also have to do all the missions at the Vercetti estate (the final being Copland)


My point is that there is alot you can miss depending upon what missions you did or what missions the person supplying you the save did.


There are A LOT of side missions that appear to be part of the story but are side missions and can be done later-- these include-- Avery Carrington, Cuban, Haitian, Phil cassidy, Love Fist, & Mitch Baker


IMO you should do all of these too...


Of all the GTAs-- VC is the most non linear story of the series-- it is also one of the best (story wise) so I urge you to experience all of it.


Moved to Help & Support section

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Well i'll be doing a VC replay anyways (cause VC is awesome and i still haven't managed to get ALL special vehicles in my VC save yet) and if i get to Cap the Collector i'll send the save to you, ok?

However it'll take a while cause some vehicles are really nasty to obtain (BP/FP/EP PCJ-600, FP/EP Hotring Racer)

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Well, you're lucky. I have Copland, Two Bit Hit left and then Cap the Collector.

Do you want the save BEFORE or AFTER Cap the Collector?

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