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Favourite Mission Thread


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At first, i considered a pool for this. But it has too many missions, it would become long. Just state your favourite mission or sub mission in the game, and why.


Mine got to be "Shadow". Approaching a drug dealer and slowly following him to his suppliers to a sudden and explosive close quarter shootout is just amazing.

"Snow Storm" is also one of my favourites. Reaching the old hospital, riddled with enemies, then escaping the cops with a huge load of cocaine is thrilling. Multiple approaches and escape options made this one of the best missions in this game for me.


Feel free to mention The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony missions as well.

Edited by daliakiller
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Three Leaf Clover, never forget that. Hostile Negotiation, The Cousins Bellic, and also Museum Piece/Collector's Item/Not so Fast.

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That Special Someone, probably the most story defining mission in the GTA series.

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Snake Plissken

IV: Waste Not Want Knots


3 Irish crazies and Niko storming a Mafia controlled Waste Managment Plant all for a duffle bag of cash is good for me.


"So, you in tough guy or are we gonna have to kill ya?" ~Gordon


"Well... since you put it that way, I'm in" ~Niko


TLAD: This sh*t's Cursed


The heavy rain and the shootout between the Chinese made that mission badass.


TBoGT: Party's Over


Luis shooting Bulgarin's goons as they enter the club was pretty fun. Thought of Scarface when doing that mission except I was in a club.

Edited by Snake Plissken
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Algonquin Assassin

My three favourites are..


1) Museum Piece: As I've said before perhaps the reason I love this mission the most besides the epic shoot out is it's when Niko, Johnny and Luis all come together to form the "Possible Trinity".


2) Pegorino's Pride: Has a real classic mafiaoso vibe to it.


3) Hostile Negotiation: The raw intensity shown by Niko as he slowly worked his way up to save Roman was insane.

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GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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Three Leaf Clover: One of the most iconic missions in GTA history. After playing through the V heists several times, TLC still outshines them all IMO. The only way I can sum up this mission is by calling it an adrenaline rush.


Truck Hustle: This mission felt like it came straight out of a movie.


Hostile Negotiation: I'm leaving here with Roman!

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Imo my fave is A Long Way to Fall. I like doing shootouts in projects spiked with 'spic gangsters :)


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IV: Hostile Negotiation (No one f*cks with my family!) Or A Long Way to Fall I remember playing it over and over again to see the many different ways you could kill Teddy.


TLAD: This sh*t's Cursed (cinematic as f*ck with the rain. I had Paranoid Android by Radiohead playing and it was at the 'rain down on me' part, it just added to it so well.)


TBOGT: Departure Time (that shootout in the plane was pretty f*cking amazing.)

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Believe or not, I kinda' like The Puerto Rican Connection, whenever I play it, I imagine it as a movie scene, when you can choose to wait them at the end of the stairs, instead of going in front of them.

It feels truly cinematic.

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For me "Out Of Commission" is the best.Nothing like a angry serbian attacking a entire Mafia Family in a abandoned casino.Also the ending chat between Peg and Niko.Also "The Master and The Molotov".

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A Revenger's Tragedy is probably my overall favorite, with A Long Way To Fall/Late Checkout (similar styled mission) being a lot of fun and Museum Piece (+Collector's Item/Not So Fast), Hostile Negotiation and That Special Someone having the best story.

Edited by thekillerdonuts
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To Live and Die in Alderney - I found this to be a tad more intense than Three Leaf Clover.


Honorable Mentions:

Three Leaf Clover

Tunnel of Death

Museum Piece


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Snow Storm was one the best missions in the series to me honestly, the fact that you have a shootout with cops in a tight place as well as drug dealers... and then escaping all of that topped with a game changing plot.. wow


Others would be "A long way to fall" again another shootout, topped with an amazing end.


Don't really remember the ones from the episodes since it's been a very long time since I've played anything besides the base game.. will post again soon when I replay through both games again.


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Blvd Baby in TBOGT. I loved the club shoot out with every screaming and heading for the exits.


Of course the last mission in TLAD where you break into the prison to kill Billy


Three Leaf Clover goes without saying

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