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SOTW #96 - Entry


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Alright.. not exactly sure what happened to last contest but it seems everyone won a trophy..

Anyways, welcome to SOTW, a friendly but competitive competition between designers to create amazing signatures and to be judged by our peers to obtain victory. Read below for the set of rules and the deadline!




No Animations Allowed This Week

Must be new work

Must fit into forum guidelines: 500x150

Must be own work

No Memes

Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!

If you are a member of a gang, fellow gang members are not allowed to vote
for you. This is to keep the competition fair and comfortable.

Week's Theme:


(Yes, the ones that fought in arenas)


Tuesday, Sept 30th

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Try to make something, this time its over weekend. Thank you :)

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At least I tried.


I used a quote of Spartacus.

I hope his 2 childrens could find peace. And if there's a heaven, they'll be reunited soon.



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