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[WIP|SA] GTA San Andreas Map Fixes

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The Eddo
On 4/13/2018 at 11:58 PM, Marsi4eg said:

I've tried to find a better place for it, but it looks really bad. R* placed lampposts staggered and moving only that one breaks all visuals. But it's not so noticable if it's just removed, there's another one next turn.

My suggestion: The lamppost should be moved across the road and rotated around by 180 degrees (of course) while the grass\bushes\whatchamadoohickies can be placed on the ground they are floating above, why remove them? Any deletions make the map feel somewhat "empty" and less detailed, at least to me:).

Edited by The Eddo

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On 11/11/2014 at 3:21 PM, NTAuthority said:

Basically foregoing the entire issue of alpha blending by merely doing alpha testing with a 127 threshold, as I already expected from seeing earlier comparison screenshots.

So, the infamous alpha error has been solved, there is some mod that applies this solution to GTA SA, or I have to use some specific method to apply it in the game, it disgusts me deeply to see this:


                                                        (Sorry, i don't know how to post images directly in this forum)


I also think that I have found another textures error on the roads of Las Venturas near the motorcycle school and next to Las Venturas stadium.


Edited by MB7783

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That's a project that ports the fixes from "PS2 map + mapfixes" thread to PC map. It's standalone from this one but you could use the none overlapping files from this on top of those.

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thanks, btw i see that in both projects have some bugs that are no corrected, but this bugs were corrected in the Mugetsuga's Fixed Pack: and are this:





Bright and dark grass.



CJ decided to push the furniture against the wall.









LS sidewalk.



LV's stadium.






Verdant Meadows's hangar.






Los Santos and San Fierro fixes.








San Andreas Fixes.





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Is there a link combining all of the fixes

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Hello guys. Does this mod have any bugs of its own or is it well-made? Is it still maintained? There's no point in making such a topic if the links are dead and it's not maintained! Hey, got an idea. Instead of fixing GTA SA let's downgrade and make GTA V look like SA. It will take less time😜.

Edited by BustaCJ

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I edited the material of the fake water puddles located at Easter Basin to make them work as water. As an additional thing, now creates water droplets on screen automatically, thanks to skygfx.







Edited by Inadequate

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