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Is the Z-Type bulletproof from behind?


Is the Z-Type bulletproof from behind?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Is the Z-Type bulletproof from behind?

    • Yes
    • No

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Not sure that this is really a "poll" question. It either is or isn't and not based on polling data. I own one but rarely drive it. There are windows in the back, albeit small oddly shaped windows.

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^^ I know but they are small and heading up so it is a tough angle to shoot from so I believe

ps ignore the poll!

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No...There are windows in the back which allows bullets to enter albeit it's not as easy as with a regular car but not 100% bulletproof.




What's with the poll?

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Delta India Echo

No it's not, and it's actually pretty easy even in freeaim to cap someone from the back driving a Z-Type.

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I can't say it's bulletproof but the back of the Z-type protect the driver pretty well, you can still get headshoted if the guy who shoot you is in the good angle.


Edited by Perziah
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If you are looking for a car with a bulletproof back you will want to get a Zentorno, Jester, or Infernus. But if you want to buy the classiest looking car in the game, then by all means buy the Z-Type.

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I already have a Zentorno


Then you have a good car for races. If this is about free roam or missions, Jester has a bullet proof back (with the ad-on) and only cost 3k to replace. Personally I prefer the Infernus and don't see too many other players driving around in one. But the Z-Type does look the sexiest of all options.

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Please guys help me I am considering buying the Z-Type!


my advice is to f*cking buy it, it's awesome who gives a sh*t if it's bulletproof from the back or not it's one of the coolest cars in the game

Edited by ajdude1
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