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CAR MEET (360) Classics


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No annoying kids, at least 18+ unless you're just chill..but no squeekers. Meet up, show, judge for best. And then who knows what, just trying to get something together. Message: I illShot I or InsidiousAzrael for invites.

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Feedback & Pictures

I love joining last minute late-night meets as there's no waiting for the meet to take place and it's made on the spot by people who want to cruise at that specific moment. You usually get some good meets out of these but you also run the risk of attracting trolls and idiots who blow stuff up compared to meets who do background checks and are actually prepared. As much as I love late-night meets, this one wasn't that great. I will say the host InsidiousAzrael is really chill and laidback and would love to join one of his meets again - with more control over the lobby on his part, though. A player started killing others and instead of the typical kick-from-lobby, the retribution was met with more gun fire from the opposite side - quick justice, they call it. It's not bad but it just doesn't get rid of the problem correctly. You could hear the disgruntled player mumbling angrily to himself. Well, first off we were searching for a spot and once found I was standing next to my car and got beaten near death by said disgruntle player so I knew this was going to be a rough meet. Of course, I knew the type of meet this was when I heard others talk; it was going to be really chill and hear a lot of coughing fits from taking a hit. ;)

I saw some awesome cars and we even had a friendly modder who took most of the lobby for a bus ride...at 300 miles per hour...in the sky. That was epic! Sadly, such speed caused chaos and running into a car and later on killing a player who clearly said, "get the bus away from the car" with a grenade in hand (meaning he wanted to blow up his own car up) was just the straw that made me realize I was in a bad meet. I don't know, the meet was going great so far but the modded Sabre doing drag racing was the center of attention and when the center of attention in a drag race is a car under $20,000 that can beat a Zentoro by 10 seconds is just disappointing. I feel like having a modded car in the drag racing was...useless, you know? He has no challenge whatsoever and I could see others waiting to have a real drag race and him coming barreling down the same straight we use to race in the very vast Los Santos airport just made me shake my head as he crashed in a car ready to race (and making it fly in the river behind the airport). As said; great meet and would love to join again but this was a late-night meet and expectations should be low. Despite that I saw potential (mainly the drag race portion) but it was wasted by the lack of authority from the host.

I got some great shots of great cars, though, so that's always worth it!


The theme was classics and the host left us decide what a classic was. Here was my definition:

Lowered and ready to scrape the sidewalk curbs!

The modded Sabre - you just had no clue how fast it really goes:

I really digged the Peyote on the left:

This red Vigero was my favorite at the meet, though:

This sweet Warrener was also a close favorite:

So someone brought a truck and I don't even want to know what that license plate says:

Damn, so many cool cars showing up!

By this point the voting was tough to decide as there was a few cars that really caught my eye:

The parking garage was deem too dark and sunlight was needed for the voting - we then headed for the beach:

Once there, though, it was only 10PM in the game and voting took place...in an even darker place:

Love this shot with the Ferris Wheel in the background:

"Hey, dood, why aren't we moving?"
"Dood, chill, this water is like little pebbles of hardness...I don't get it, dood."

Despite the lack of light, two Sandkings lit up our world like nobody else:

We then saw a Sand Whale:

"Naw, player, that's the juice of all dem females that I be makin' wet."

"Yeah, ya feel me, playa?" - Pimpin' Peter

Finalists of the "Best of Show". I believe the chrome Sabre won:

This man had no clue what he was thrusting into:

Ready for drag racing:

Come on, guys, that's not a line!

We finally found the way out of the hangar and started racing:

These Vigero's facing off:

This Ruiner was sweeeeet!

The Ruiner seconds before heading for the sea...

By this guy crashing into him at 200 miles per hour:

This looks like a great drag race:

Lastly, a picture of us in the sky. Normal? We're in a bus. Seriously.


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Sorry things got a lil wild. Lol. I'm glad ya seen potential though, and dope shots! The brown Vigero was mine and black was Insidious. We'd love to get together with ya again though bro. And make something a lil more organized happen.

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Sorry things got a lil wild. Lol. I'm glad ya seen potential though, and dope shots! The brown Vigero was mine and black was Insidious. We'd love to get together with ya again though bro. And make something a lil more organized happen.

Yeah, that brown Vigero made me drool! As said; chill meet, I see potential and I just want you guys to get the type of lobby that you guys deserve. This one wasn't the right one. If you guys do late-night meets that attract all the blazers you'll have that crowd on lockdown if you make some preparation, trust me. ;)



Glad you guys didn't take my feedback the wrong way. Also glad you see what I'm seeing in terms of meet interest. Sadly I don't send friend requests to players I don't really know but I keep an eye on this section a lot and will definitely try to attend your next meet!

Edited by livejoker
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I have had many MEETS in the past, via how me and shot met. They usually go very Well but tonight We didn't plan a meet I got on and a bunch of people wanted to do a meet so it just kinda went off. Then of course sh*t happened but joker If you send me a friend request I'll sure to invite you to a future event. I'd love to have a photographer for the events.

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