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Favourite quotes


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What are your favourite quotes? Personally, I don't find there are as many as there were in GTA IV. But my fav is:


"What's my name bitch?"

Edited by StormerBoy
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"Looking for sh*t? You just stepped in it."


"Let's put a cap on this, shall we?"


"This asshole's crazy!"


Hillbillies at Boneyard survival

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There's a guy that sounds like Lucas Black on Sandy Survival that says: Oh Mah Gawd!

...and of course: "You're f*cking dead dead dead!"

Processed survival: Total d*ck

Merryweather: Death embrace you!

Boneyard/Sawmill hillbillies are my favorite

Here I come!

Call Jesse at the clinic we got one hurt!

Get f*ck on now!

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"F*ck me in the ass"-random professional


"Time to meet your maker"-merryweather soldiers


"I'm gonna sh*t down your neck"


Rednecks and hillbillies.



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Is this The Guy?

"Hey fool"

"Now keep your mouth shut about me, you hear?"

"Hey look who it is, my favorite mute."


"You're going to kill me before my jeans do"

Edited by Thisguyherenow
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"I swear this happens once per week!"
- Store clerk, as I rob him;

"You should be ashamed of yourself!"
- Store clerk, seconds before I put a bullet in his mouth.

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"I love you...In a appropriate way I mean!"
- Martin Madrazo, for 3768785th time I deliver his goddamed package.

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Is this The Guy?

"Hide behind something until he stops shooting"


"I'm a f*cking marine!"

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Bend over here it comes


How f*cking magnanimous may I give you an applause you f*cking motherf*cker


Mendozas been hit


Im a f*cking marine


Killing makes my dick hard


Chester is down

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Sussus Amongus

"Hello Friend"- Store Clerk (shortly before taking a bullet to the face)

I though the FIB doesn't rob stores. :O
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