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GTA V Gangs - GTA Online - PS3&PS4 - Community - Recruiting Player


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Community Name: GTA V Gangs

Website: http://www.gtavgangs.enjin.com

Currently Comprises of 2 Gangs (Looking for more): Grove Street Families & Salvatore's. - If current gang/crew leaders come forward and provide themselves as new players to the community they can be added to the list.


About: Help us build an interactive world of gang based crimes and competition, fueled by territory disputes and titles. Where roleplaying is encouraged using the tools that the game gives us, and imagination is yours to share beyond that.


FreeRoam & Roleplay: We've devised a system where free-roam lobbies can be held in which players can roam or post in their gangs, trade "Drugs" and "Cash" using a system and so on..
We want to involve player police to increase the realism; They may pull you over and check you out. You could bribe them, run, attack them etc..

The choices will be yours to make but there may be consequences to your actions!
The idea is that here you can play a gang related version of the game in almost any manner you like, with players that you can trust, because we're all bound to a set of rules...


Rules of the Street: There will be a basic set of laws that all gangs will have to abide to, to make sure that everyone plays in a way that can be called "fair".


All competitive game play in GTA V Gangs should be taking place in Free Aim lobbies.
This is for the following reasons..

  • You live longer as it's far harder to get head-shots
  • You can work as a team more effectively
  • Makes the level of competition higher
  • It's harder for people on the street to shoot into your vehicle, making drive-bys more effective in the gangs scenario

Banned Weapons

Gangs may use their own weapons in competitive jobs, but the following are banned out-right in ALL competitive play - including free roam.

  • RPG
  • Minigun
  • Sticky Bombs
  • Auto-Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher

Banned Vehicles


Gangs may use their own vehicles in all aspects of play but the following are banned to keep to the street gang theme.

  • All Air vehicles - Street gangs don't need to be aerial
  • Tanks
  • Tonka/Tipper Truck

Banned Services

  • Airstrikes!
  • Backup Helipcopter
  • Helicopter Pickup

Things to know & Respect

  • Passive Mode - Should be respected and seen as a non-aggressive sign. Any players who kill another when in passive mode will be dealt with.
  • The "Surrender" Action - This should also be respected as a non aggressive sign. What you do in this situation is ultimately up to the gun holder.. But if you see someone with no weapon, you can shout surrender at them and see if they comply, then go from there. (More info available in the Roleplay
    forum section)
  • Street Crews - If you see an enemy gang massed on their turf, standing on street corners etc then they're probably marking territory, dealing drugs or posting (waiting for an enemy gang's car to drive by).
  • Patrols - If you see a group of vehicles on route somewhere, they're likely on the way somewhere to do business, or even on the way to your gang.
  • Police - There will soon be police, and FBI. They will be played by users and implemented during Free Roam sessions.


Gang territory: Each gang will start with 2 game named areas belonging to them. Each area is part of the main city or a suburb/town on the outskirts. They're street gangs, so we should see no desire to own open land in the country, but I may venture down this road if there's enough interest!


What we want & need:

We've just started this community out and are experimenting with ideas. We have a good layout for the site and have thought about all the possible options we can for now. We need some strong leaders to come forward, preferably people who have previous experience managing groups online and are willing and capable to put the time and effort into the relevant Forums and on our website. For the most part though we want more friendly, active players who're playing on PS3, but would be planning to make the move to PS4 when it releases!
If you like the sound of this community, please check out the link below, and give the main page and some forums a read and see what you think.

Register and fill out the application form if you're interested, then add myself on PSN (CJ2041) and we can go from there...

If you like the sound of this: Then please share it with your friends and have a think about it.

Your comments and opinions are of course welcome, we can really make this work if people tell their friends and share it with their crews.

We plan to make the gangs preset as said above but if there's enough interest from currently running crews and gangs then we'd be willing to change the initial layout.

Thanks for reading!


Leader Contact: CJ2041

Website: www.gtavgangs.enjin.com
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.ro..._gangs_-_ps3-4_ (Newly created)
Platform(s): PS3 & (Soon) PS4
Games: Grand Theft Auto Online
Timezones Welcome: BST/GMT, EDT, CDT, MDT.

Leader Roles: There are plenty of territories available on our map and in our community. If you have an active crew please get in touch if you'd like to bring yourselves into our community. Ideally players wishing to lead will own a PS4, a Mic and have the available time to put into running and organizing the community along side myself and the other gang leaders... Let me know if this applies to you!

Edited by CJ2041
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Thanks for the positive feedback bro! Glad to see you're a Welshman too, as you can see i'm UK based.. Got you accepted on Enjin, but couldn't add you on PSN? Guessing you've got a different name, add me instead if you want, my PSN is my username.

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No worries mate! haha yeah i did notice that your from the UK too. Thanks mate!! Hmmm thats weird, My PSN is MouVaa- but no worriesi add you when i get online!!

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