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PLEASE HELP: iPad stuck in recovery mode after update!


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(I'm not sure whether this is the right or wrong section.)


So yesterday, I saw the recent iOS8 update was available for my iPad 2. I downloaded and installed it, but only to find out my device has been knocked into recovery mode.


Now the huge struggle is, that I have never synced my device with iTunes, and the only way to gain access to my iPad again is to restore the whole damn thing. I can't do this. I have too many important documents related to my education.


I have tried 3rd party software on my PC, to exit recovery mode. It does make my iPad exit it, but only in like 3 seconds before it enters it again.


I really do need som serious advice here since I'm very dependent on that device.



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Did. You have a jailbreak before updating?


Use one of the formatting methods that allows you to install any previous version of iOS. You shouldn't really update your iDevice if you're jail broken and/or the new iOS hasn't gotten it's first update yet.

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  • 7 months later...

I understand you well because it happened to me the last time i jailbreak my iPad. Firstly my iPad even can't be detected by my computer. I searched the internet and someone recommend me the way "[solved] iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode", it worked! Without restoring and iPad and without losing any data or settings. It worked just like a charm!

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Pretty sure the OP doesnt need the info anymore. They wanted to know more that six months ago and they have since been banned

Edited by Jolly Swagman
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