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Schwartzer Appreciation Thread.


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and it should be "you can't compare a sedan to a sports"


in this case the sedan is quicker than the sports...

I saw a real life version of a schwartzer a month or so ago in a Tesco carpark...6.3 litre engine lol


I spoke to the driver and he said it's really hard to drive esp in the wet

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and it should be "you can't compare a sedan to a sports"


in this case the sedan is quicker than the sports...

I saw a real life version of a schwartzer a month or so ago in a Tesco carpark...6.3 litre engine lol


I spoke to the driver and he said it's really hard to drive esp in the wet

It actually has a 6.2L engine. In game it has the CL 65 AMG V12 engine, wich is irl actually a 6.0L.


The owner is right, it'll slide everywhere in the rain if you try too floor it.

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Here's mine, only the 1 picture so far. I had the shafter which was my preferred over this one but the trim annoyed the hell out of me. So I was messing around on SP with Michael and got the Schwartzer & decided to trade my shafter for this online as well. Havent looked back...though on NG the shafter is appealing lol....I got no space : (

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What's a good way to find a Schwartzer? Besides buying one online, obviously. Any particular area I should look, anything in particular I should drive while looking?

They spawn around The LSC in town. But its hard to find them, you can better buy one.











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I've had several of these things but I keep selling them because of their crap suspension. Since it's misplaced in the sports class it isn't any good for racing which basically leaves it for cruising, but the stiff suspension makes it look stupid every time you go over a little bump in the road, which makes me choose other vehicles for cruising.

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Kinda miss it looking like this. Right now its lime green with black wheels. I think I may have to switch back to this look. Black with a Ice White PearlN5_X2AgsXUine3i3jBzqrw_0_0.jpg

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I will share the story of how I found the Schwartzer that's in my garage right now.


I was in an invite-only session but got kicked by the idle time-out. When I came back, I spawned into a public session near the Burton LSC (spawn point set to last location). As soon as I popped into the session, the very first thing I saw driving down the road was an MB-like vehicle. My first assumption was it was a Schafter, because they have very similar front ends, and they're much more common to see randomly. But I didn't see a second door. "It can't be," I thought to myself in wonderment.


So I hopped into my personal vehicle that had appeared nearby, a Rhapsody, and gave chase. The chase wasn't hard as it was an ordinary NPC driver, and the car was mine.


Then I realized there was nothing I could do with it. I have 30 cars stored, and all of them are worth too much to just replace. If I was going to get another car, I'd have to sell something first. And I knew that if I went into my garage, any non-PV I parked outside would most likely disappear. Once in awhile, I'll notice that a non-PV is still outside my garage after I walk in and come back out, but it's rare. Anyway, I had no choice, so I walked in to get something to sell to make room. And sure enough, I saw the car simply vanish into thin air during the walking-in cutscene.


My only hope now was that where there was one, there'd be others, so I grabbed the car I was going to sell from my garage and sold it. Then I had the mechanic deliver a car. I picked the Elegy. My first thought was to get something from the sports class, of which I had a few. I picked the Elegy because it's a rarer car, and I've read elsewhere that rarer cars help to spawn other rarer cars. Well I had to pick something, and that logic made as much sense as picking one randomly.


So I started driving around the Rockford Hills area, and right away I saw a Super Diamond. I took that as a good sign, as those are fairly uncommon in online traffic. Then I saw another. Next I saw some Feltzers and some Rapid GTs. I could tell the spawning was hot. I went to the golf course parking lot, then to the mall parking lot (I forget the proper name but it's northwest of the golf course and has the long driveway leading up to it, and when you cross into the parking lot the map changes to a local view, like being inside of a building). No Schwartzers. Back to the golf course, back around LSC, still nothing, other than more Super Diamonds, Feltzers, Rapid GTs, and the occasional Coquette. Oh, and a Carbonizzare. Yeah, the Carbonizzare almost proved to be my undoing.


By this time, I had made my way to Ponsonbys, the one by the chrome horse statue. I was driving up that street, toward the statue, when across the street from Ponsonbys I noticed the Carbonizzare in the parking space cut into the sidewalk. I stopped to get a good look at it, when I suddenly realized that the car I'd stopped next to, the one in front of the Carbonizzare, was, in fact, a Schwartzer.


So now I had the room, and now I have the car.


Obviously, these circumstances cannot be deliberately duplicated, and anyone desperate to find one is probably better off just buying one. If you do want to try your luck at finding one on the street, I suggest you set your spawn point to last location and get an Elegy as a personal car. I make that particular vehicle suggestion based solely on the fact that it's what I was driving, so I know it CAN work. They're also free, and it won't really take up any space in your garage, because it can occupy the space where you're gonna put the Schwartzer; just replace the Elegy when you find it, and since it was free, you lose nothing. (Unless you already have an Elegy, then of course you can ignore the last couple sentences.) Go into the Rockford Hills area and drive in and around the area, including the LSC, the golf course, the mall, etc. Don't go super fast; the game does decrease spawn rates when you go really fast. Just cruise around and keep your eyes not only on moving traffic, but on parked cars as well. My advice is that if within a minute or two, you don't see any rare cars (cars you don't often see online in traffic or parked), then join a new session. Repeat until you find one, or you give up and buy it.

Edited by JRebbert512
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