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San Andreas: BETA Edition

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Winner of Best Total Overhaul in the Annual Awards 2014 San Andreas: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in d

OK kids, fun is over.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Please could you post some evidence in this topic of this, and not a link to a website that requires an account to sign up to and review?

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I tried to handle your part of the map and redo the part of San fierro, and los santos is unfortunately not consigir put in grey try you ae puts the map in gray
Link of Map:
If I wrote wrong, I'm sorry, I'm not from your country.



do not forget to use this program to leave everyone in txd when tinkering on this map



thanks bye


already saw this here





thanks for answering



pay n spray was blue the texture

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  • 2 weeks later...



I found a good old site from 2004 might be useful or not


the site is very old


click here


very good old site has lots of screenshots



thank you, young



you're welcome dude

Edited by xXAnonymousXx
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There are some beta bike sounds in the GENRL banks, I've used Vehicle Audio Loader to bring them back. I've made a .cfg if you want. It also has some other vehicle sound "fixes" (moreso my opinion of how they should sound) and also the beta boat sounds for the speeder, jetmax and squalo (thanks to DeeZire for finding those out).



I haven't witnessed any issues with these sounds being loaded up.

There's still a few more beta sounds where that came from. I'll post a follow-up when I have them all.

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^I've looked through all the ids I think I might still have a list laying around somewhere I can have a look and post it, save you some time

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We all know Rockstar likes to dub its trailers with sound effects not present in their games. Since you guys have mentioned bike sounds, I guess I can mention train sounds (esecially whith this username and description I put on myself). Sound 02 (I was an idiot and deleted my folders because of my storage problems before I checked the sound bank number) of one of the last GENRL banks is less than a second long and seems to be an unused train horn (but if it's used, please tell me). In the Xbox trailer of this game, you can hear a train horn. Note the fact that the mentioned sound is in the same bank as train sounds. Also, I remember hearing other sounds which resemble train signals (in a different GENRL bank) and I don't remember ever hearing them before. If these sounds are really unused, could you restore them too?

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To further spam and bump up this thread (Ok no), had you known about the creepy scream glitch in Downtown Los Santos? Here are the videos from somebody investigating this:




Assuming none of you know Spanish, I will explain it myself:


1: Start a new game

2: Steal an NRG-500 bike (from the parking lot mentioned in the video)

3: Go to the roof of the highest building in Los Santos with the NRG-500

4: Drive off the edge of the roof using the NRG-500 and survive after landing at the point mentioned in the video


Once complete, listen carefully (with headphones) and you will hear the sounds of people screaming from falls. The maker of the video reveals the cause: benches under the ground probably for a BETA floor which used to be at a lower elevation. Rockstar completely forgot about the benches after they redid the floor. If you have already recreated the place, can you provide screenshots or give me links to the posts with the images?

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