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San Andreas: BETA Edition

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Winner of Best Total Overhaul in the Annual Awards 2014 San Andreas: BETA Edition is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the goal of returning most, or if not all cut features in d

OK kids, fun is over.

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Hmm, because is used in one of the real trailers?

At 0:48 seconds the video does not see anything strange? When you touch the fence, you can hear the fence sounds when you touch it (like VC), and in the final version there is no such chip (I translate it through a translator).

Edited by The BaD Gamer
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It's just me or SF Sub Urban, Tattoo shop and Zero RC interiors are messed up? When I enter them I enter the wrong interior, for example Zero RC > Driving School. Check it out.




Fixed it. Turned out to be the other mod. Sorry.

Edited by Vero Juventini
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Please tell me somebody how to add ballas 4 ballas 5 to game

there u have their voice line and i want to add them to my normal gta sa, i want use 2 beta skins, this fat balla with bandama on his face and sweater, and this with sunglasess and perpule shirt
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I edited this beta micro uzi icon


Image and size for: 339 x 351



Image and size for: 64 x 64



I did this for kalvin edit this icon

Edited by 1010
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You might be using a mod that "fixes" the quadruple stunt bonus, I don't know if Kelvin attempted it.

So? Where can I find it? I don't really need a mod, I can fix it myself, just don't know what file manages these bonuses.

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I don't remember the name of the label but if you search for the string I'm pretty sure you will find it, I think it's a variable > 400 and then just change back the 400 (or whatever that common misconception was) to 40.0 though this is not a fix it will just return it to its original (broken) state.

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Can you please tell me how to install this BETA modification? Step by step. I'm really lost, I've read the README txt, tried everything, I reinstalled my GTA 3 times, I have original game disc and also bought Steam version. Of course I always downgraded to 1.0 for modding. Everytime I click on New Game it shows beta loading screens and after that it crashes. I've tried hotfix on gtagarage, always final release of this mod. Can you please help me?


UPDATED: Solved. For those who are experiencing same problem, click on Start, type "sysdm.cpl" and go to the Advanced tab. Under the "Performance" click on the Settings, click on "Data Execution Prevention" and select "Turn On DEP for all services and programs except those I select:". Click on Add and find and select your gta_sa.exe, apply changes and play the game. (Windows 7 64bit)

Edited by gipson23
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