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Mission payouts after 1.16


Recommended Posts


Please Note: Mission payouts are now not only based on difficulty and the amount of players, it is now based on time spent in mission. The more time spent will result in a higher payout. Please use this post as an estimate for each mission!


A Boat in the Bay(40): Hard: Solo: $12-20.4k 2000- 3340 rp


A Titan Of a Job(24): Hard: 2 people: $12-16k 2358 rp


Artificial Scarcity(19): Hard: Solo: $9.5k 1478 rp


All in the Game(10): Hard: Solo: $8-13k 1500-2000 rp


American Exports(65); Hard: Solo 10-20k 2000-3000 rp


Atv Steal(25): Hard: 2 people: $18-22k 1300-1800 rp


Ballas to the Wall(5): Hard: Solo: $6.8k 1427 rp


Bust Out(55): Hard: Solo: $14,910 2610 rp


Base Invaders(27): Hard: Solo-4 player: $11k-21k 1700-3000 rp


By Land, Sea and Air(30): Hard: 4 people: $12k 1800 rp


Blow Up(12): Hard: Solo: $3k-7k 600-1144 rp


Blow Up II(20): Hard: Solo: $4.8k-8k 1191-2200 rp


Blow Up III(31): Hard: Solo: $6-16k 1559-2100 rp


Caught Napping(20): Hard: Solo: $8-12k 1500-1900 rp


Chasers(5): Hard: Solo: $5-15k 800-2200 rp


Check Out Time(35): Hard: Solo: $8-13k 1500-1800 rp


Chemical Extraction(65):Hard: Solo: $17.2k 2862 rp


Chumash and Grab(35): Hard: 2 people: $10-$15k 1800-2500


Coveted(36): Hard: Solo: $7-14k 2880 rp


Coasting(25): Hard: Solo: $8-$16k 2600 rp


Cops Capacity(19): Hard: Solo: $13-$16k 1800-2400 rp


Crystal Clear Out II(16): Hard: Solo: $5-$1ok 500-1400 rp


Crystal Clear Out III(16): Hard:4 people: 10-16k 2000 rp


Chopper Tail(70): Hard: 4 people: 17-23k 2600-3000 rp


Close Action(35) Hard: Solo: $


Crank Up the Volume(30): Hard: 4 people: $9-$12k 1000-1500RP


Crime Scenester(20): Hard: 4 Players: $17-19k, 2300-2600RP


Cleaning the Cat House(45): 3 players: Hard: $16-18, 3000-3600 RP


Daemon Run(25): Hard: 4 people: $9-15k 1000-2000 rp


Death Metal: Hard: 2 people $4-5k 1100-1400 rp


Deal Breaker(6): Hard: Solo: 13-14k 2900-3100 rp


Death From Above(23): Hard:3 people: $16.3k 2540 rp


Defender(70): Hard: 2 people:14.3k-15k


Denial of Service(14): : Solo: $8-$14k 1000-2022 rp


Diamonds Are For Trevor(70): Hard: 3 people: 15.98k 2624 rp


Dish The Dirt(45): Hard: 4 people: $11-17k 1800-2600vrp


Docks to Stock II(: Hard: 4 people: $20-24k 3500-4500 rp


Dry Docking(45): Hard: 4 people: $16k


Editor and Thief(45): Hard: Solo: $6k-$10k 1200-1700 RP


El Burro Heists(10): Hard: Solo: $4.6k 1271 rp


Extradition(50): Hard: Solo: $18.1-22k 3100-3400 rp


Factory Closure(18): Hard: 4 people: $7-$15k 1000-2000 rp


Flood the LS River(6): Hard: Solo: $8k- $13k 1200-1800 rp


Fueling The Flames(20): Hard: Solo: 11.5k


Four Trailers(45): Hard: 3 people: $10-18k 2000-2500 rp


Gassed Up(12): Hard: Solo: $8k-$11k 1100-1800 rp


Gentry Does It(10): Hard: 4 people $5k-8k 900-1200 rp


Grab Your Ballas(40): Hard: 4 people: 10-16k 1200-1600 rp


Handle With Care(20): Hard: 4 people: $15-18.5k 2500-2800 rp


Hit 'Em Up(10): Hard: 3 people: $12.25k 1734 rp


Hack and Dash(60): Hard: 2 people: $14.2k 2527 rp


High Priority Case(25): Hard:Solo: 11.7k


It Takes a Thief(5): Hard: 4 people - $5-$6k 1100-1500rp


Judging The Jury(65): Hard: Solo: $21.9k 3578 rp


Landing Gear(55): Hard: 4 people: $21-25k 2800-3700 rp


Lost My Mind(20): Hard: 2 people: $13.8-15k 2300-2600 rp


Last Chopper Outta LS(25): Hard: 2 people: $8.9k 1519 rp


Los Santos Connection(40): Hard: 3 people: 20-26k 2800-3800 rp.


Master Data(16): Hard: Solo: $11.3k 1750 rp


Mixed Up With The Coke(45): Hard: Solo: $10.3-11k 1654 rp


No Hay Bronca(8): Hard: Solo: $12.9k-19k 1966 rp


No Smoking(30): Hard: 4 people: 9-11k 1300-1700 rp


Out of Harmony(50): Hard: 4: $11-$14k 2000-3000 rp


PotShot(25): Hard:Solo: $4-$19k(depending on play time) 2300-3000 rp


Parking Garage(55): Hard: 4 people: 8-11k 700-1100 rp


Pickup Sticks: hard: 4 people: $18-24k 3000-3600 rp


Pier Pressure(6): Hard: 4 people: $3-6k 300-500 rp


Quarry Quarry(30): Hard: 2 people: $17.4k 2700-3200 rp


Rooftop Rumble(75): Hard:2 people: 9k-22k 2000-3000rp


Richmen of Richman(5): Hard: 3 people: $13-$17k 1100-2400 rp


Stocks and Scares(70): Hard:2 people: $14.5k-16k 2500-2900 rp


Satellite Communications(60): Hard:2 people: 16.6k 2948 rp


Show Me The Monet(55): Hard: 4 people: $8-10k 1100-1500 rp


Sinking Feeling(55): Hard: 4 people: $13-$16k, 2000-3000 rp


Stickup The Stickup Crew(40): Hard: 4 people: $13-$16k 800-1400 rp


Trash Talk(81): Hard:3 people: $16.4k 2731 rp


Time to Get Away: Hard: 2 people:$11-13k, 1900-2100 rp


Turbine Carbine(25): Hard: 3 people: $11.7k 1993 rp


Violent Duct(15): Hard: Solo: $7.8k-12k 145-2000 rp


Water the Vineyard(40): Hard: Solo: $7.65k-19k 1296 rp


Link here: http://www.reddit.com/r/GrandTheftAutoV/comments/2dz59v/new_mission_payout_thread/


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hi there, there are already a few lists of the jobs (missions/etc.) on here - this one has the payouts:




The the formula for working out the new payments:




Not all of the payouts are up to date on page one, which needs a little updating...

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1) and next time please use regular text color, reading this bullsh*t--- or better yet attemping to read this bullsh*t gave me a serious headache.


2) dont copy/paste sh*t we are already aware of.

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it'd be nice to have average time to complete as well. the money at the end screen doesnt automatically mean a mission is worth it if it takes an age to do. not very efficent.

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