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[PS4/XBONE/PC] GTA Online Player Index

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  • 3 weeks later...

i've recently joined the forums. because i'm looking for people to play heist or missions with :)


i have both PC and Xbox One version.


Social Club Account is DeadPhoenix1986 (this is also my PC account)


Xbox One Gamertag is DeadPhoenix86

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  • 1 month later...

Add me on xbox: xsupremeplayer

need new friends to play with 18+, I'm a girl + tomboy so treat me like ya buddy

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Add me on xbox one Gt: ResonantKarma0

always looking for more friends, try to help people & im looking for people around my age 18+

mainly plays Gta online & is currently rank 174

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  • 3 months later...

Changed my XBLGT from The Owl Man1999 to Owl Man III, forgot to ask for that to be updated when I changed it.

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  • 2 months later...


Looking for adults to start crew with, or adult crew to join once dlc drops on the 4th of october. Must have mics. No f*ck arounds. Must have a good sense of humour. Active players. Happy to help grind heists, experienced player. Basically just looking for a solid group of a few players to have fun with!

Msg if interested

kik - dimi_58


xbox - D1M182

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I have recently started my own crew after being in one for a long time.

I'm a president of a MC and I'm a CEO. I'm on pretty much every night and iv always got people on who are willing to help each other out. We enjoy doing things as a crew doing heist, causing trouble and just helping each other out. If your a CEO we can all help each other and same if your an MC. If your just wanting to do your own stuff but enjoy being in a party feel free to jump in the party 👍🏻 Everybody is welcome.


The crew is called Medellin Carte1

The MC is called hells angles

The CEO organisation is called pulse


Add me on Xbox one


The "0" is a zero


Thanks Jamie 👍🏻

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