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[PS4/XBONE/PC] GTA Online Player Index

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Hey folks,


V was released recently for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it will arrive for the PC next month. What would be better than to play with your fellow GTA fans and GTAForumers on the PS4, Xbone and soon on PC?


In this thread, you can post your gamertags/gamer IDs so that everyone has enough people to play with. If you wish to be removed from the list, report the post where you shared your details to request the removal of said post and let me know in PM or in this thread to remove you from the Index.


Please use the code seen underneath to share all essential details with us! :)



[ code][member=GTAForums username]Enter PlayStation Network ID/Xbox Gamertag/Steam IDEnter R* Social Club profile name[ /code]
Make sure to remove the space in [ code] and [ /code] to get the code box to work. Please also mention your platform.





@Kirsty for the original Player Index

for the amazing logos

Edited by Andreas
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GTAForumsPlayStation Network IDRockstar Games Social Club
@A Maned WolfA_Maned_WolfManed_Wolf
@Alec SkorpioAlec_SkorpioAlecSkorpio
@Alex FranciscoPotatoAsteroidalexfrancisco
@Arkham SpectrePsychoGamer3.-
@Arran BAzBoony-
@Cutter De BlancCutterDeBlancCutter_De_Blanc
@Glass CloudJoshdjentGlass_Cloud
@James KThe_James_KJamesK88
@LogScottWoodAl_DentayCrew: Nonchalant Dominance
@MigloEstevezMigloEstevez IDMigloEstevez
@MilezDawgMOJO_R1SENMojo Risen
@Miss MalevolentMiss MalevolentMiss Malevolent
@Mister PMonsieur_LaurentMister-Pi
@monkb4skunkmonk b4 skunkmonkb4skunk
@Mr Makavelinabeel08Nabz187
@mwcorrellTalyinmwcorrell[/table] Edited by Andreas
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Continuation of the PlayStation 4 Index.

[table]GTAForumsPlayStation Network IDRockstar Games Social Club
Poohty_t Pdizel
@Redwood CigarettesEmmerichPliskinSamRosevelt
@Scary ÉireMcKiernanMcKiernan
@steveiniraq66steveiniraq1966/Steam IDsteveiniraq66
@Uncle MarstonTioAly7alysonlara96
S1L3NTLIGHTNINGTomVDC[/table] Edited by Andreas
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GTAForumsXbox Live GamertagRockstar Games Social Club
@A Maned Wolf-Maned_Wolf
@Acky.x Tom Ackyy iiAckidapacki
@Admiral LeviathanAdmrlLeviathanAdmiralLeviathan
@Alec SkorpioAlec SkorpioAlecSkorpio
DJ Squirrel NutDJ_Squirrel_Nut
@dfeazyXi EaZy Xidfeazy
@Drchill21xt bro-
@Faithless SinFaithless SinFaithless_Sin
@Flightwhite24Flight White 24-
@frog-kvfbFrog kvfb-
The GirlybirdGirlybird
@Gridl0kGT - Gridl0kGridl0kk
@Halal CyborgHalal CyborgNadirOfExistence
@houstoneagleI StckyBmbNoobsistickybombnoobs
@jakwaddjakwadd iz back-
KillinFr3nzy NLKillinFrenzy
@KingJohnKing John 830-
@lannydeeproper tomatolannydee
@littleben2little ben 2littleben2
@Loki_The_CoyoteLoki The CoyoteLoki_Coyote
amyann xoxMissAmyx0
@Mista_J42cchaldo killa248kumar42c
@Mr. PremiumMcCartneyman100OldPremium
@Mr. RockoNute202Mr.Rocko
NAACP ApprovedLilPandaBelle
@NT160NT160Enter XxNT160xX
The Owl Man1999The_Owl_Man
@o24 xJDUBxo24 xJDUBx-
@Packing_Heatll Don Vito ll-
@Plug In Baby81plug in baby81haleyw
@poasternutbagblat b00mpoasternutbag
@RaidenWolfRaider Kaatisuraidenwolf
@Redwood CigarettesRockstarLeopardSamRosevelt
@Rock HowardEffOne2008EffOne2008
@SecretDonkey14EVIL Donkey X1SecretDonkey14
@SideStuntll SideStunt llSideStunt
@SimsDaniel916AES SimsSims916
@Sir MichaelMikeyrockz85Mikeyrockz23
xbox Gamertag steve dogg 51 IDstevedogg51
@The Cookie MonsterHEIST DEVELOPER-
@The DAZThe DAZ EffectDatDAZtho
@The Lonesome DrifterXL connor96 LXMidnight69
@TokeAoD BigtokeBigtoke421
@Vanos CareaVanos Careavanoscarea
OHQx BESRK OHQxWinning 001
@YobyProtoManExe V3-
@YoungGTA12Young KD02YoungGTA12
@ZooTycoon223ZooTycoon223AdamSifo[/table] Edited by Andreas
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GTAForumsSteam UsernameRockstar Games Social Club
@Big Danny KBig Danny KBig_Danny_K
@Chet_DenimChet DenimChet_Denim
@Delta India EchoDaugeDawge29
@Firewood B B8BirdsSocialClubFirewood B B
@Handsome PhilHandsome PhilHandsomePhil69
@Jevijavierct93Jevi93@Kaito Katsumijeremylim142HOLYMAGGOTNASS@KampretLe DynoAnjingKampung@KanjaKanja0078kanja007kevin_3014Kevin3014
@Michael5074mihai5074 IDMichael5074
@MrPeteyMaxSteam ID: SpinetabletSpinetablet
@sivaGMike D SantaMike_D_Santa
@strixalSteam ID: 大佬偉-
@ZooTycoon223ZooTycoon223AdamSifo[/table] Edited by Andreas
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[tr][td][member=enter GTAForums username][/td][td]Enter Steam username[/td][td]Enter R* Social Club profile name[/td][/tr]



What am I doing wrong.


Fixed. :p


I still don't see what I did wrong. Why doesn't mine look like yours?

Edited by BunnyBoy21
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I fixed the post for you. The reason the code didn't work is that you were using the full editor, which also copies background/font colours and the formatting. Which platform, by the way?

Edited by Andreas
  • Like 2
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I fixed the post for you. The reason the code didn't work is that you were using the full editor, which also copies background and font colours. Which platform, by the way?


Oh. I am still confused but. I will be PC only. And if there is some kind of master list you control I wish to be added with the following:


GTAForums:BunnyBoy21 ~ http://gtaforums.com/user/667379-bunnyboy21/

Steam: bunny217 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/RECONBunny217/

GTA Online / Profile: RECONBunny ~ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/reconbunny




Thanks :D

Edited by BunnyBoy21
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Edited by Andreas
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GTAforum : summertime


Playstation Networks id : stargatecommand


Xbox one : monkeybiz4u


Rockstar social Club : summertime2012



Edited by Andreas
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[tr][td][member=NoSignal666][/td][td]Xbox: NoSignal666[/td][td]NoSignal666[/td][/tr]

did I do it right? lol.


Good enough. ;) Added.

Edited by Andreas
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PSN, in case I decide to get a PS4:

(and yes, I know it's a horrible name; I made it in 2008 with the mindset that I could change it whenever I wanted - since PS4 lets you use a "real name", I'll probably set that as my GTAF/Steam name.



I hope I'm doing this right. I'm posting this on my phone right now, which isn't exactly easy to edit on :/



Edited by Andreas
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Hello, I will be representing the Playstation 4 roster. :)

GTA Forums: 'KingGTAV'

Playstation 4: 'gerryt68'

Rockstar Games Social Club: 'Mr._Johnny_Cage'

I look forward to the resumption of Grand Theft Auto: V escapades, with a definitive overhaul, which is projected to transpire on "R-Day", November 18th! :D




Great, thank you. :)

Edited by KingGTAV
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It'll probably be a looooooong time before I'll actually be able to play the PC version, but here it is anyway:

[member=WildBrick142]Steam: WildBrick142WildBrick142_


Thanks :)

Edited by WildBrick142
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I wonder why this is in the SP thread? We have a perfectly good (hahaha, yeah right) Online Thread.....

If you mean by Online thread the topic linked in the opening post, it hasn't been updated in a long time and it was created for PS360 users. This thread, on the other hand, is for next-gen and PC only. I have posted it in the V forum because it's easier for me to keep track of who is added to the lists and who isn't.


Ciaran was so nice and pinned a thread for me in the Online forum that leads to this topic.

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I will be playing GTAV and GTA Online in November on PS4


GTA Forums: daltontigerboy


PS4: daltontigerboy


Rockstar Social Club: daltontigerboy



Edited by Andreas
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[member=Spider-Vice]Steam: spidervvSpider-Vice



Edited by Andreas
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